Florida Museum of Natural History Madison Cydis

Nature on Display: The exhibit that I enjoyed the most was the butterfly exhibit. The exhibit captured my attention from the second I walked through the door. The walkway with the butterflies on the roof was captivating, and got me excited to see the actual butterflies outside. The exhibit literally surrounded you with butterflies and nature, which allowed me to easily immerse myself in nature and enjoy the experience. When we went to the outdoor section with the actual butterflies, I was able to watch the butterflies interact with each other and also other humans, which serves as a reminder that all of the organisms on earth share the same home and environment. The experience truly connected me to the planet.
Nature and Ethics: Being surrounded by the butterflies and walking into their home reinforced my belief that all the organisms on this planet share the same home, and that humans must preserve our giant home. Seeing the butterflies just living their lives--pollinating flowers, landing on humans, drinking water--was a unique experience and reminded me of our shared home. Other people seemed to have the same reaction, except for one boy who ran out of the exhibit screaming when a butterfly landed on him. The exhibit essentially forced people to be surrounded by nature and to enter the home of the butterflies. Hopefully, it showed people that this earth is not just for humans, but for all organisms. It certainly reminded me.
Nature and the Human Spirit: The museum forces us out of our ordinary lives and into nature by literally surrounding us with nature. We have no choice but to immerse ourselves in the world of another organisms. By doing so, it broadens our perspective. It allows us to realize that there is more to life than our busy schedules and work, and that we must enjoy all aspects of our lives, including nature and the planet. I know that for me personally, it made me more interested in nature. I was talking with one of the workers there, and he told me all about where he had traveled. His words combined with the exhibits reinforced my desire to travel and see more of the world.

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