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In 2019, Calgarian and sports collector Bob Blaine donated an important collection of over 7000 items relating to the history of Canadian sport to the Mount Royal University Archives and Special Collections. The collection richly illustrates Canadian hockey, football, rodeo, baseball, and golf at the professional, senior amateur, and varsity/collegiate levels from 1906 to present.

1988 Calgary Olympic patch worn by the Stampeders during the 1987 season (0518)

Scroll down to experience a sampling of the contents of this incredible collection: photographs, game programs, sports magazines, media guides, yearbooks, calendars, schedules, tickets, trading cards, pennants, patches, pins and more.

Top: Piedmont Cigarettes baseball cards of: George Stovall, Cleveland Indians; Frank Isbell, Chicago White Sox; and Luffy Leifield, Pittsburgh Pirates, 1909 (0418) ; Major League team crests, 1960 Left to right: Houston Astros, Chicago Cubs, Philadelphia Phillies, San Francisco Giants, Pittsburgh Pirates, and Los Angeles Dodgers (C0011-S3-0420).
Top: Canadian American Baseball League program, Edmonton Eskimos vs Lloydminster North Battleford, 1959 (0453) ; Canadian-American Baseball League program. Saskatoon Commodores vs Lloydminster North Battleford, 1959 (0453) ; Western Canada Baseball League program. Lloydminster Meridians vs. Lethbridge White Sox, 1960 (0451) ; Pacific Coast Baseball League scorecard. Vancouver Mounties vs. San Francisco Seals, 1957 (0437) Bottom: Alberta Big Four Inter City Baseball League program. Edmonton Eskimos vs Calgary Buffaloes, 1947 (0450) ; Northern Baseball League program. Fargo Moorhead Twins vs. Winnipeg Goldeyes, 1954 (0448).
Photograph of the Vancouver Mounties baseball club, 1957 (0437).

Canada has a long history of minor, amateur, and independent baseball leagues that have operated in various regions of the country. The Blaine Collection contains publications and archival records documenting many regional and local Canadian leagues including the Pacific Coast Baseball League, Western International Baseball League, Northern Baseball League, International Baseball League, Western Canada Baseball League, Southern Alberta Baseball League, Alberta Inter City Baseball League, Canadian American Baseball League, and the Alberta Major Baseball League.

Remember the Cannons?

Calgary baseball fans will find their teams well represented in the Blaine Collection. There are records relating to many past local baseball teams including the Calgary Stampeders, Buffaloes, Purity 99, Giants, Dodgers, Cascades, Cubs, Jimmies, Odeons, White Sox, Cardinals, Expos, and of course the much-loved Calgary Cannons.

Opening night program and ticket for the Calgary Cannons vs. Albuquerque Dukes of the Pacific Coast Baseball League, 1986. (0428)

Western Canadian Champions

In 1925, the Victoria Cougars defeated the Montreal Canadiens in the Stanley Cup final to become the Western Canadian Champions.


The Quest for the Cup

The Blaine Collection contains publications and records related to Canada's three largest annual hockey tournaments: the Memorial Cup, Allan Cup, and Stanley Cup. The Memorial Cup is competed for by junior-level hockey teams aged 16-21 years, while the Allan Cup is awarded to senior amateur level teams, and the Stanley Cup of course is for the professional level, awarded to the National Hockey League playoff winners.

Team portrait of the Allan Cup Amateur Hockey Champions, the Halifax Wolverines, 1935. (0564)
Top: Calgary Stampeders Hockey Club, 1946-1947 (0616), and promotional postcard of the Saskatoon Quakers Hockey Club, 1950-1951 (0616). Bottom: Paulin’s Candy hockey card of Lorne Chabot, goaltender for the Port Royal Ports, 1923-1924 (0572), and Canadian American Hockey League program, Boston Cubs vs. Quebec Castors, 1933-1934 (0577).

Canada vs. USSR

The 1974 Summit Series, popularly known as the 'Super Series' was the second of two professional hockey tournaments played between Canada and the USSR. The series consisted of eight games played in Canada and the Soviet Union.

Program and ticket from the 1974 Canada vs. USSR Super Series (0768)
Top: Blue Ribbon Tea football card of Eddie Moncon, halfback for the Calgary Stampeders, 1954 (0474) ; Shredded Wheat football card of Steve Oneschuk, halfback for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, 1956 (0474) ; Football card of Doug Flutie, quarterback for the Toronto Argonauts, 1996 (0521) ; O-Pee-Chee sticker pack depicting Don Bahnuik of the Saskatchewan Roughriders, Rob McLaren of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, and Granville Liggins of the Calgary Stampeders, 1972 (0513).

The Canadian Football League

Western Interprovincial Football Union program. The first-ever BC Lions game, against the Montreal Alouettes, 1954 (0475)

The Canadian Football League (CFL) was officially formed in 1958, but football has been played in Canada since the 1860s. The CFL initially had two divisions: the Eastern Division (consisting of the Ottawa Rough Riders, Hamilton Tiger-Cats, Toronto Argonauts, and Montreal Alouettes) and the Western Division (consisting of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Saskatchewan Roughriders, Calgary Stampeders, Edmonton Eskimos, and BC Lions).

Western Interprovincial Football Union program. Calgary Stampeders vs. Edmonton Eskimos, 1959 (0475).

Canadian vs. American Football

Grey Cup program and ticket. Toronto Argonauts vs. British Columbia Lions, 1983 (0537).

Field size: Canadian fields are longer and wider than American fields. In Canada, the field is 150 yards by 65 yards compared to the American field which is 120 yards by 53 yards.

Number of players: Canadian football has 12 players on the field, while American football has 11.

Timeouts: The CFL only allows one timeout per team each half, while the NFL allows three.

Grey Cup program and ticket. Toronto Argonauts vs. British Columbia Lions, 1983 (0537).

Downs: The CFL only allows 3 downs to advance the ball ten yards, while American football allows 4.

Scoring: The CFL has a ‘rouge point’ which is not observed in the NFL. A rogue or single point is scored by the kicking team when the team receiving the kick does not legally return the ball out of their end zone.

Season: The CFL runs from June to November with teams playing 18 regular season games. The NFL runs from September to January with teams playing 16 regular season games

Super Bowl XXV program. New York Giants vs. Buffalo Bills, 1991 (0548).

Non-professional Leagues

The Blaine Canadian Sports History Collection has a wide variety of records and artifacts related minor and amateur leagues from across Canada. Some of the smaller provincial and regional leagues represented in the collection include: the Alberta Rugby Union, Ontario Rugby Union, Inter-Provincial Rugby Football Union, Western Inter-Provincial Football Union, Saskatchewan Junior Football Union, Canadian Intercollegiate Rugby Football Union, and the Prairie Junior Football Conference.

Calgary High School Football League program, Crescent Heights vs. Western Canada Redmen, 1956 (0458) ; Ontario Rugby Football Union program. Toronto Indians vs. Toronto Balmy Beach, 1946 (0481) ; Saskatchewan Junior Football Union program. Saskatoon Hilltops vs. Regina Bombers, 1948 (0483).

The Golf Club

Golf has a long history in Canada, beginning with the formation of the Montreal Golf Club in 1873. As the game grew in popularity, the Royal Canadian Golf Association (now Golf Canada) was formed in 1895 and the Canadian Professional Golfers’ Association was formed in 1911. The first Canadian golf tournament, the Canadian Open Championship, was started in 1904 and is the third oldest open championship in the world.

Alberta Golf Association souvenir program, 1947 (0558).
Program and pairing sheet for the 52nd Canadian Open golf championship, 1961 (0552).
Program for the 77th Canadian Open golf championship, 1985 (0553).
Top: Yearbook of the Canadian Professional Golfers Association, 1951 (0561) ; Golf Digest issue, 1953 (0560) Bottom: Canadian Amateur Champion scorecard and photograph of the Calgary Gold and Country Club, 1981 (0558).
Pairing sheet for the 52nd Canadian Open golf championship, 1961 (0552).

For information about the Blaine Canadian Sports History Collection and how to access it, please contact us at archives@mtroyal.ca.

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Published September 24, 2020


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