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Hey guys I'm a beginning youtuber. I actually never thought that I would be doing this, but I have had a really great time with it. I never plan to be the biggest YouTube ever, but I do hope that I will continue to YouTube and have even more fun. I've had two friends who have helped me on the way Jonah. Without him I wouldn't have done this. I hope you enjoy my channel, and with your love and support we will have a great time.

I hope to have uploads every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday but it depends on how many videos I make. I will do my best to upload on those days. Please feel free to tell others about our channel and help us grow even bigger. Never be afraid to comment and help us with some ideas that of what we could do. The only thing that matters is that your happy with my content. Feel free to email me at Only legitimate reasons only please. The link to my channnel is below.

Our latest video, and the most painful one so far. Enjoy, please don't forget to subscribe and share my channel and videos to others. Thanks!

Our lastest video is below. We had lots of fun recording the video. Please feel free to share my channel by telling others to watch and subscribe thanks!

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Peter Ormonde

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