#81 Kyle Hartzell! By: Alannah Marie Liebman

Kyle Hartzell

Kyle Hartzell

I’m going to teach you about Kyle Hartzell. He is a professional lacrosse player.

His way of life

Kyle Hartzell is an amazing person he is not only a great lacrosse player, but also a great person. He was probably told that he didn’t make a team and still tried. Now, look where he is.Little by little, Kyle made his way to the top. Kyle Hartzell is a professional,(really good at something and knows a lot about it.), lacrosse player that is on the New York Lizard team and is number 81. He is the Defense man He is 31 and was born October 9, 1985. He graduated in 2007 from Salisbury University. These are some great small things about him that I think are really neat.

This is the team that Kyle plays lacrosse on.

His at home and Working Appearance

Kyle has curly dark brown hair. His eyes are deep brown like mud.His tan skin is like beach sand.When he is on the field playing lacrosse, he is wearing something that his body can breath in. He wears his padding and a helmet that is meant for lacrosse.He wears shorts that are breathable,(easy for air to go in and out of something easily.), and so he is able to run as fast as he needs to.His jersey is also breathable so he can move more swiftly,(quick and quiet.).

Kyle in his uniform.

When Kyle is at friends, family, or at home, He wears comfortable ,but still fashionable clothing. He sometimes wears dress shirts and dressy shorts. Other times when he is just relaxing he, wears a t-shirt and sweatpants.Those are some clothing that he wears when he is playing lacrosse or just relaxing.

The equipment He Uses

Kyle with his Lacrosse stick, helmet, and gloves.

The equipment that he uses is really neat. In lacrosse you use very special and important things to play the game. For example, Kyle uses a special stick called a lacrosse stick. Lacrosse sticks are used to catch a special little ball Kyle also uses caled a lacrosse ball.Along with a lacrosse stick, lacrosse ball, he uses padding because in boys lacrosse they are allowed to hit each other and could most likely get injured. Not only does he need padding but he also needs a helmet. He has a helmet that protects his head from the hard rubber ball.

Also, need a special type of shoe called a cleat, ( A cleat has stubs at the bottom of it so when he is running he/she doesn’t slip.).In addition, the lacrosse stick, lacrosse ball, helmet, padding, and cleats help Kyle play one of his favorite sports.

Fun Field Facts

  • Here are some fun little facts about this man will interest a ton. I know he interests me.
  • Kyle Hartzell is marrying an amazing woman named Taylor Mann.
  • Kyle Hartzell has two adorable dogs.
  • Kyle can do amazing tricks with his stick and ball.
  • He advertises companies things such as, Warrior cleats, Nike sneakers, and different heads to lacrosse sticks.
  • Kyle Hartzell and Paul Rabil are friends,and also on the same team : New York Lizards.

Kyle Hartzell is a very fascinating person. I hope that you enjoyed learning about Kyle. I had fun writing about him.

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