Ian Upton CMALT Portfolio : Contextual Statement

Contextual Statement

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Self Portrait with time-streched fingers. LIDR Scan.

I describe myself as an Artist, Technologist and Teacher.

I have worked, researched and studied right across the digital media landscape. From computer games, through to augmented reality art installations. From academic web infrastructure, through to Ministry of Defence immersive VR training experiences. From BBC micros, through to collaborative, educational cloud applications.

Video: Loopz. Designed and developed by Ian Upton. Published by Nintendo.

I have extensive, practical, experience of digital tech (particularly in Education, VR, AR and Adobe Media Production) coupled with an artist's 'creative' (aka problem-solving) approach to making things work.

I am an innovative and inspirational teacher with the ability to inspire educators and instil the confidence to engage technology within their practice.

Social Media Circuit Training. Students challenge staff to use social media in their teaching.

I have supported Teaching & Learning in Higher Education (HE) since 1990 (29 years). I have been teaching formally in HE since 2010 (9 years).

The companies and institutions I have worked for include; BBC Education, Research Machines (aka RM), The University of Birmingham and Coventry University. I also ran my Virtual Reality (VR) / Augmented Reality (AR) consultancy 'Get Real' for many years. All my roles have involved inspiring and leading the creative application of new technology to support those teaching and the teaching of students.

Video: The Loneliness of Being. Machinima and Twitter Cloud Environment created by Ian Upton (aka Ian Pahute).

As an artist, I use technological environments as a medium for exploring notions of reality and self. Exhibitions include Faith (Coventry Cathedral.), A Passing Moment (Vivid. Birmingham.) and EXTRACT/INSERT (The Herbert. Coventry / Second Life.). The Loneliness of Being. (Second Life.).

I have worked for Coventry University (CU) since 2010 (9 years). My current, full time, Academic Development position is Lecturer (Technology Enhanced Learning). Academic Development is a central unit responsible for developing and supporting staff in achieving the University's Education Strategy.

My work covers the whole University. My students are academic staff. My mission is to lead, inspire and facilitate active, inclusive, teaching practice. My role focuses on the application of technology and digital media environments for creating engaging, pedagogically sound, teaching and learning experiences.

I present evidence to show my commitment to the core CMALT principles and values supported by demonstrations and reflections on my work.

I declare that, to the best of my knowledge, the statements and evidence included in this submission accurately describe my practice and are drawn from my work, with the input and support of others duly recognised.

Ian Upton. September 2019.

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