The World According To Clara C.


What forces work for and against supranational cooperation among nations?


Multiple centripetal forces help with supranational cooperation. A common market in the European Union is a centripetal force. By having a common market, workers can travel freely between borders, and goods can be traded between countries without tariffs. Another centripetal force in the EU is the development of European citizenship. People can live and work anywhere in the EU with a European citizenship. They can also vote in any EU elections. These are some of the many centripetal forces that unite the European Union.

The flag of the European Union.

What do you think is the most effective style of government and why?


The most effective style of government is a representative democracy. This is an effective form of government because citizens get to vote for their leaders and could even vote to change the constitution. This is important because citizens can vote to get a bad person out of office. In addition, they could voted to change rights or responsibilities that they disagreed with in the constitution. Representative democracy is an effective style of government because citizens can elect others to represent them during voting. This is important because the people that the citizens elect might be better educated or have a different point of view. Citizens also might not have enough time to be involved in government, this way citizens can have a say in government while going on with their normal lives. Representative democracy lets citizens have a voice in government without being too involved.

These are the countries that have a representative democracy.

What Does it Mean to be a Good Citizen?


To be a good citizen, people can obey laws, follow social laws, and stay informed. One thing a citizen can do is obey the laws of their community, because the laws are usually set to protect that citizen or other citizens. Good citizens should also follow social laws and respect their fellow citizens. This would allow other citizens to feel safe and comfortable in their community. People should also stay informed, this would allow them to know their rights and responsibilities. They can act appropriately based on their knowledge of their rights and responsibilities. In order to be a good citizen, people can do these things.

There are citizens all around the world.


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