TV UNIT By ALex gostick

Job Application Letter

23A, Block G, Beverly Hill, 6 Broadwood road, Happy Valley, Hong Kong

+852 6078 1441,

December 1, 2016

Dear Ms. Stanton,

I would like to apply for the role of the director. For the horror film, last unit I was the talent of the group. I really enjoyed this role but I would like to have a new experience. This is why I am applying for the role of the director.

I have had a lot of previous experiences, this includes in year 9 Interdisciplinary, I was the leader of my group for “the real game”. I had to tell my group what to do and lead them. For “the real game” my group had to create a community. We had to choose the laws, what goes where and all. I like to give very direct orders because I feel like that's had you get things done. Also I am a very good drama student so I feel very confident in front of everyone, this helps because it shows that I can work with anyone and still work equally as good. Everyone tells me that I can interact with people very easily, showing that I can tell people what I want to produce during a project or a given task. When I am in groups and we need to meet up or work out of school time, I am never late. I always get there on time and never let my team down. The director is placed in the studio, inside there it gets very stressful. I am very good with high pressure, I don’t just break down but I carry on and keep the team going even if there is a problem. For example if there is a technical difficulty and something goes wrong, I wouldn’t panic but would think how I can solve the problem. Another reason why I feel like I will be a good director is because I am the student council for my tutor group, I got chosen to be this. I contribute to all of the meetings and I am never late. I really enjoy being the student council because I get to say what I want. Before in the horror unit I was getting orders but I feel like I am better at ordering and making decisions. Overall I am sure that I will make a great director and lead the team. I know what I need to do and I’m sure that as a group we will be able to complete this task. Thank you and I hope you consider me as for the role of the director!

Sincerely, Alex Gostick

I sadly didn't get the role I wanted but I got the role of presenter. I was still happy with this role because I really love to act but I wanted to try something different to what I usually do.

Evidence of the process

Shreya and I made the script and practiced it quite a lot before the final take. This really helped since we knew our lines before the day and we didn't need to rely on the auto cue.


Overall I feel like I could have done better than I did because I kept mucking up and forgetting what to do, but to be honest it wasn't my fault. Because the auto cue wasn't working so I couldn't rely on that so I just has to go with it and make up my lines on the spot. In the end it was finally over and we seemed to have done a decent job!

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