Chlorine by: Kimberly Hoover

Element Symbol: Cl

Element Name: Chlorine

Atomic Number: 17

Number of protons,neutrons, and electrons

  1. Protons- 17
  2. Neutrons- 18
  3. Electrons- 17

Atomic Mass: 35,453

Chlorine is a gas

It is also a non-metal

Chlorine was discovered by Carl William Scheele in 1774 in Sweden.

Chlorine is mostly commonly used to make drinking water safe and to treat pool water, but large amounts can be used for medicines, dyes, and even plastics.

Physical Properties:

  1. Density of solid
  2. Moral volume
  3. Thermal conductivity

Chemical Properties:

  1. Density- 20 C
  2. Melting Point- 171.6 C
  3. Boiling Point- 34.6 C

Unusual Facts:

  • It took almost 200 years from the discovery of chlorine gas for it to become recognized as an element.
  • Sodium chloride is the most common compound of chlorine.
  • Chlorine in its pure form is yellowish-green, but its common compounds are typically colorless


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