Judging Day The look into the mind of an orchestra member

Okay, you'd think that people in an orchestra would be smart. And a lot of them are, but the amount of people that don't have common sense is so goddamn annoying. Like what's their problem? They carry around every single thing they own when they move seats. Are they dying or something? Cause they bring goddamn everything they own. And they don't seem to realize they form a goddamn TRAFFIC JAM in the middle of rehearsal!

Not only do they form the traffic jam, they proceed to knock over the music stands, valuable instruments, and anything else in their way! Like what do they think, everyone is going to part the Red Sea just so they can get through? Don't they see that the only other people taking their luggage with them are the ones that also have no goddamn common sense? What do they think is going to happen when they get to their new seat and the previous occupant of that seat left their stuff right where it should be? THEY'RE GONNA HAVE NO ROOM FOR THEIR STUFF! And the goddamn look on their faces when they realize they're the last one fiddling around holding up the start of rehearsal is seriously priceless. What do they think? They have ten minutes to slowly make their way to their new seat? For chrissake they're wasting the goddamn practice time!


Created with images by AnnaER - "field cereals rye" • Hamed Saber - "Tehran Traffic Jam" • robef - "Luggage"

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