book burning of 1933 Emily Griffin

On the night of May 10, 1933, students from universities gathered in Berlin to burn books with ¨un - German¨ ideas.


  • Hitler wanted to burn all things that might go against his word and his teachings, including people.
  • He also wanted German culture to go along with ideology.
  • The office for press and propaganda wanted to get rid of ¨Un-German spirit ,and ordered cleansing.


The largest book burning took place in Opernplatz,Berlin.


Over thirty German university towns took part in the ¨action against the un-German spirit¨.

Over fifty thousand people took part in the bonfire alone.

Students tossed heaps of books into a bonfire while singing and giving the Hitler arm solute.

Twenty thousand volumes were tossed onto the flames.

In the 1930´s Nazis made bonfires of million of books by Albert Einstein,Sigmund Freud, and other writers.

Some books burned were writings of Helen Keller ,Margret Sanger,H.G Wells,and Ernest Hemingway.


One of Hitlers first acts was to burn books.

The burning frightened those who were opposed to Hitler

It also gave control of education and intelligence.

Eventually, Hitlers burning of books came to a point of burning books as well.

Hitler not only banned certain books but he banned jazz music,movies,and offensive jokes.

If anyone was found playing jazz music or telling jokes about Hitler they would automatically be sent to a concentration camp or be sentenced to death, Jewish or not.

Hitler also ordered restaurants to play his speeches.

Joseph Goebbels-----

Joseph Goebbels was Hitler's minister of Enlightenment and Propaganda.

He enforced that no German could read or see anything that damaged the Nazi party and enforced Nazi views.


Book burning is a particularly vivid method of censorship that dates back to ancient times.

People opposed to certain books attempt to prevent them from being read.

Censorship can occur by omission, deletion, burning, and economic pressure.


Propaganda was to persuade German public´s views.

One hundred years before the burning,German- Jewish poet,Heinrich Heine said, ¨Wherever books are burned human beings are designated to be burned too.¨


Bradburg once said ," You do not have to burn books to destroy culture ,just get people to stop reading them".

The Nazi book burning made many people upset all over the world.

Some people say that in some cases , it is the product rather than the creator that is attacked.

The U.S------------

FDR once quoted ,"Books can not be killed by fire.People die, but books never die."

Big protests took place in New York city, Philadelphia, Chicago, and St. Louis.

On the day of the book burning, crowds protested in New York's Time Square.

American newspapers reported both the burning and the protests.

The council on books adopted the slogan," Books are weapons in the war of ideas".

Some people even made cartoons to show their disagreement.

Helen Keller-------

Helen Keller´s warning to German students

Helen Keller and other non- Jewish authors were burned because they supported beliefs that were against Nazi ideals like communism.

She once stated ,¨Tyranny cannot defeat the power of ideas¨.

Helen Keller wrote a letter saying,¨ You can burn my books and the books of the best minds in Europe,but the ideas in them have seeped through a million channels and will continue to quicken other minds".

The Future---------

A book burning is just a step above book banning.

Book burning has a long history and the practice is still very much alive today.

Book burning could happen again and it has in 2001-2005.

Books have not often been burned in the U.S.

Today, book burning is still a popular way to show dislike against a particular text.

Harry Potter books have been a common target.

Religious groups have burned Harry Potter books because the book looks at which craft as a good thing which is against their religion.

There have been at least six major burning of Harry Potter.

Today, some people even take Gideon Bibles out of hotel rooms and burn them, claiming it is profiting bible makers.

In 1955, an underground memorial was installed in the square where the actual burning took place.

Other Facts---------

To Germans, militaristic qualities were far more important than learning.

The book burning of 1933 was one of the largest.

The earliest references of an intentional "book " burning comes from a story in the bible (Jeremiah 36).

  • communists
  • socialists
  • Jewish
  • opposed to Nazism

The burning prompted writers, artists, doctors, and other professionals to flee Germany.

Nazis raided libraries and book stores all over Germany.

In the book Fahrenheit 51, it states that," is bright and fire death".

Many people say that book banning is limiting and demolishing info, that should be free to all citizens.

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