UCLA LAW Nicolette Jones

Agenda: -Why UCLA LAW? -UCLA Law Core Values/mission -UCLA Law History/Culture -Initiatives - Goals

Why UCLA Law?

- Ziffren Center for Media, Entertainment, Technology and Sports Law

-Guest Talks

-Entertainment Symposium


41st Annual Entertainment Law Symposium

UCLA Law Core Values

1. Training Leaders

2. Achieving Excellence

3. Learning By Doing

4. Making connections

Mission: "UCLA endeavors to integrate education, research and service so that each enriches and extends the others."

UCLA Law History

- July 18,1947 (Accident)

William H. Rosenthal: "I thought [UCLA] needed a law school"

First ever UCLA Law School Dean (Dale Coffman)

UCLA Law School Culture

10 : 1 ratio

second highest BAR passage rate in CA

5 law schools/specializations (me: entertainment law)


Involvement in Student Government and Florida Cicerones

Family Location

Trip to Warner Bro's Studios

Pop-Culture interest

A picture from my trip to Warner Bro's Movie Studios of me sitting on the Friend's couch

Goal- acceptance/completion of UCLA law program

Combine work and passion for a successful career


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