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Bobby and Sherry Burnette have worked in Haiti for more than 40 years.

They've built churches, schools, countless homes for the poor, an outpatient clinic, a malnutrition center, a birthing center (opening January 2019), and a gorgeous orphanage that is home to 80+ children.

This side of heaven, there is no quantifying the harvest of seeds sown.

Four times a year, they travel deep into the mountains of Haiti bringing medical care to the poorest of the poor.

When the road ends, they keep going. For hours, they travel winding mountain trails.

The team travels in a modified Pinzgaur. It's the highlight of the trip. Seriously... where else can you go and travel like this?

It takes a multi-vehicle caravan to haul the supplies needed for the mobile clinic; food, water, thousands of prefilled medication packets, language translators, cooking supplies, cots for sleeping and security for protection.

Love A Child's mobile medical clinics are highly efficient and geared to treat several hundred patients a day.

In the sun and with no where to sit, families patiently wait in line.

Patients first see a medical provider (a doctor, physician assistant, nurse practitioner or registered nurse).

Debbie Chen, M.D.
Steve Koshy, M.D. and Merlyn Koshy, PA.
Janet Fredrickson, RN

Patients then head to pharmacy for their prescriptions. Pharmacy is a busy place!

The next stop is wound care and eye exams. If a dentist is part of the medical team, tooth extractions are provided. All services are free.

The final stop is ministry where everyone has an opportunity to hear the good news of the Gospel. For many, it is the first time they've heard about a God who loves them and His son, Jesus, who gave His life for them.

To these people, the good news of the Gospel truly is GOOD NEWS.

The medical cases are severe: children with infected sores, toddlers with swollen bellies and copper hair from longstanding malnutrition, people dying simply because they share the same water source as the pigs. When treatment is not available, diarrhea from drinking dirty water is life threatening.



Kaeli Fletcher, Love A Child missionary
Debbie Chen, MD
Steve Koshy, MD
Merlyn Koshy, PA
Janet Fredrickson, RN
Mariamma Jacob, RN, eye exams
Britni Durham, pharmacy
Casey Spatz, pharmacy
Tonya Tolan, RN, pharmacy
Dave Crandall and Dan Chen, patient traffic


In the early morning, the clouds seem to rise from the ground.


You may wonder where we sleep this far up in the mountains. Love a Child recently built a new school in Savaan Pit. In 2016, the former school was destroyed by Hurricane Matthew. We had the privilege of sleeping on cots in the school rooms.

And... oh... the latrine...

Truth be told, it was quite the beauty as far as latrines go. Trust us, we've seen worse!

Thanks to team member, Tonya Tolan, night trips to the latrine were few and far between. She not only packed the toilet paper but also what we affectionately called the "Pop-A-Pottie" (a gorgeous, teal blue, self-contained, zipper-up-the-front enclosure) where one could do their business in the privacy of their sleeping quarters.

There was no electricity or running water in Savaan Pit. The villagers were kind and carried enough water each night from the almost-dry river bed for the team to bathe. Their act of service was beyond humbling to us.

We certainly never lacked for food. The best cooks in Haiti were on this trip! Every day, they provided a home-cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner along with the best lime ice tea we've ever tasted.

Mde Tiklien, Mde Nini and Mde Whitlien

Love a Child brought more than enough food to keep everyone's tummy full Good thing we didn't have to rely on the local food source. Couldn't get too many burgers from this scrawny cow.

It cannot be emphasized enough how important the LAC mobile clinics are to the Haitian people. Can you imagine having NO access to medical care?

The last two LAC mobile clinics averaged over 900 patients per day!

Although these clinics are critical to the Haitian people, it is the team members who are especially blessed.

True contentment comes from having a purpose greater than your own comfort. It is a priviledge to be part of these teams!

We'd love for you to join us!

For more info, please visit www.LoveAChild.com.

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