Being 15 in Austria Tanner raper 1st hour comp 9

Austria is located in Europe which is west of the U.S. The population is 8.474 million people. The worlds largest emerald which is 2860 carat is located in Hofburg Vienna.

Schools in Austria are completely different from the schools in the united states. when you go to school in austria the way you perform in elementary school decides your future with college and the rest of your life.

" The school laws of 1962 and subsequent amendments require that all state funded schools be open to children regardless to birth, gender, race, status, language or religion."(country studies)

" before the 1962 reform, the great majority of children, more then 90%, attend the compusly haupthschule, where they were divided on how they did in elementary school." (U.S library of congress)

Austria family

" the equal treatments law of 1972 makes various form of discrimination against woman illegal."(country The same law is in effect here.

Evidence says three quarters of Austrians say they need a family to be happy.

Since Austria has 34.7% less babies this makes the population a lot smaller than here in the United States. There are a lot less teenagers here making being 15 less social and kids can focus on school more. Here we have a lot of teenagers and most are between 15-18 when there in high school making a lot more distractions.


In Austria 6.2% of the population is living in poverty which is a lot smaller then the U.S. at 15.1%. When your 15 in Austria you don't have to worry as much about being in poverty because housing is not that expensive because the dollar is worth less.

When your 15 in Austria it is really hard to find a job because you are 32.9% less likely to be employed.


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