La llorona The weeping lady

La llorona is a women who scares people at night . She walks around at night crying for her kids and hoping she can find them. If your not her kid she will throw you in the nearest river and drown you .

There was a women that lived in a small village with her family . She was known as the most beautiful women in the village and her name was Maria . Then appeared a prince that loved her dearly and would send her stuff all the time until she finally felt the same

The prince and Maria fell in love and had 3 kids , 1 girl , and 2 boys . Then one day the prince left the house late at night and never returned . Maria didn't know her prince left until she found a note on her bed when she woke up saying that the prince left because he didn't love her anymore and he doesn't like staying with one person or place . She then got very depressed .

Until one day when Maria and her kids were walking down to the village by the river the prince came in a carriage and stop next to her . In the carriage with him was a beautiful princess . He introduced her as his fiancé and he he also greeted the kids . The whole time he was there he was ignoring Maria and never even made eye contact with her . He then said good bye to the kids and left with out even saying bye to Maria .

She then felt so much anger , hurt , and embarrassment that she threw her kids in the water and watched them drown flowing down the river . She then noticed what she had done and jumped in the water hoping that she can save her kids but it didn't happen . She died trying to look for her kids .

She now crys by rivers every night in hope that she would find her kids . If she finds u by a lake and ur not her kid she will throw you in the river .

Created By
Deny Gillian


Created with images by gorfor - "River Brent" • - "Mons village" • 422694 - "girl depression sadness" • Mary McGuire | Mackinac Design - "Wedding carriage waiting" • Otodex - "waterfall water nature"

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