Portum Utopia Created by: Andrew Craig and Michael Gillooly II


-4 General Rules Included in Our Utopia--- No Murder like Thoughts or Acts-----------No Disruption of Society at Work Times--- No Betrayal like Acts towards the Society---No Contraband and acts allowed in Society- _______________________________________Your Higher Ups will Create further laws for the society to follow and trained forces will be present to enforce the laws.---------------_______________________________________Certain laws will have different punishments such as, Disruption of Society as Work Times, you will most likely be taken and placed outside of the society in a special treating area built directly outside the society. ---------------------------------------_______________________________________Our Government type will be a Dictatorship containing multiple leaders.


Everybody in the Community will be given a job (at the age of 16) to help further the Society, so every child will be asked to fill out an interest survey to be placed in an education facility to fit their interest.--------_______________________________________If a child wishes to be placed among an agriculture like learning environment then they will most likely be placed in that educational based facility, unless a person is needed elsewhere, then that child will be placed in a facility to learn what is needed for replacement. ------------------------------_______________________________________Unlike schools out of the society, our school system won't be wasting your child's time, teaching them things they won't need for their future career they wish to pursue. -----


-One of the major jobs in the society will be the monitors. These people will be monitoring the society 24/7, making sure everything done within the society is not illegal or forbidden and to keep close attention to people's behavior. We wouldn't want anyone getting crazy ideas.-------------The Second most important Job required in the society are the farmers; We will have a large amount of land dedicated to fertile land, again always monitored making sure the land is fertile. These people provide the society with food for the people.--------------The third most important job is the construction/builders. The builders will provide the society with homes sustainable for holding 4 people, homes fit with A/C and heating and modernized appliances. --------


Our Society will not have currency. Our system will be based on awards a person will earn based on what you do and how much you work.


The Society contains multiple means of public transportation. Outside of every community will be a train station for arrival and parting. If you wish to visit another community, you can take the train going north or south. Inside every community will be multiple bus stops for public transportation. If you wish to travel for personal use, you can use the electric scooter equiped in every home. 1 per person, once you reach the requirements for riding the scooter out in public. (age 12 required.)


All the families in the society is allowed two children at most because of population control. If the couple has a newborn, the mother is not required to go do everyday duties.(job) She can stay home until the child is old enough to go to school, then she can proceed her job throughout the day. The family is neither matriarchal or patriarchal distributing the authority to both parents. Everyone lives in the same residence and has their own room, the room can be changed throughout the years of life.


In every community there will be 24 neighborhoods. In every neighborhood there will be 36 residences; Because the community is under population control, every couple are allowed 2 children. So every residence is capable of holding 4 people permanently and 2 more people temporarily.


Portrum will be placed on a large peninsula for easy access to the outside of community for emergency reasons. Portrum will have controlled climate to make farming life easy. We will have two seasons, Spring and Summer one for outside enjoyment and the other better for farming. Pets are allowed, but wild animals are banned off the peninsula and if there's a case of an animal getting into the Society from the peninsula's entrance, animal control will capture the animal and later have it released. Please clean up your animal's waste.
Created By
Andrew Craig


Created with images by Pexels - "cloud cloudscape dark" • skeeze - "government architecture building" • jarmoluk - "apple education school" • tpsdave - "language lab college university" • TBIT - "dollar bank note money" • pixel2013 - "cologne central station railway station" • PublicDomainPictures - "mom caucasian child" • qimono - "sunset tropical sea"

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