Don't Ban Pit Bulls Deborah duran

What breed of dog is cute, cuddly, loving, and banned in more than 937 cities in the US? Pit bulls, they're loved by many, but also strongly disliked by many.

How did pit bulls get such a bad rap? Pit bulls used to be known as one of the best breeds of dogs for families and people living alone. But when did they start becoming vicious animals? Pit bulls are not born evil, the attitude of the dog all depends on how they're trained and what environment they're in. If any dog is untrained and treated poorly it can become aggressive, this doesn't happen just with pit bulls. But if dogs are treated with love and they're well trained, they will give you the same love you give them.

There are a number of cities that have already banned pit bulls and other breeds of dogs, there are also many who are fighting to pass a ban against these “dangerous” dogs. While there are many people who are supporting the ban of these dogs, there are also many people who have been fighting this. There are a number of petitions going around asking for support to not ban these loving animals.

In the cities that are on the verge of banning pit bulls, but haven't passed the law officially, they're forcing the owners of pit bulls to only take out their dogs wearing a muzzle, a mask and holds the dog's mouth shut.

A man living with autism was the owner of a pit bull, his pit bull was a registered emotional support dog, but this meant nothing to the police. This pit bull had never hurt a soul, but was forced to wear a muzzle whenever she was taken out in public, the dog didn't seem to mind the muzzle but it made her look like a vicious dog. She was taken away from her owner. She was taken just because of what she looked like and for what she “could” do. Just like we're taught to not judge a book by its cover, why are we judging animals by what they look like, or what other animals who look similar have done?

“Of the roughly 60 dog-bite deaths reported in Canada since 1964, “pit bulls” have been involved in only two.”

The amount of aggression in any dog has nothing to do with how big or small it is, what breed it is, or what it looks like. Dogs do not intentionally hurt people, dogs attack when they feel threatened and feel the need to defend themselves. How a dog defends itself all depends on how it was trained, it doesn't depend on what breed of dog it is.

If you have an aggressive dog it can be trained, it can have a full recovery and become the loving dog you want. If you don't believe me go watch some episodes of Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan, where Cesar trains all different breeds of dogs, proving that not only pit bulls can be vicious dogs.

All dogs deserve love, all dogs deserve to live long lives with families who care for them. No dogs, pit bulls or any others, should be taken away from their homes, and no dogs should not be able to get adopted because of their breed. The quote, “A dog is a man's best friend”, doesn't specifically mention one breed of dog, it's “a dog”, not “every dog but pit bulls”, all dogs deserve to have a man best friend.

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