Cool Weather BROOKE v



When the rain overflows onto land it is a flood

This is a picture of a flood!


Facts or information used to calculate,analyze,or plan something

Weather is so meany different kinds of weather

Some of the weather is nice some is bad you will never know when the weather will change


The usual weather conditions in a particular region

The polar zone the tropical zone temperate zone


Arctic tundra ,grassland ,deciduous forest,taiga,tropical forest,desert


My conclusion is the blocks on the bottom flooded the ones on the top are not going to flood.

A blizzard just got snow all over the car over night

The car could of been in the garage


Created with images by Clearly Ambiguous - "Storm Cloud Dream" • courane01 - "Corn flood" • SEDACMaps - "Biomes, Global" • SEDACMaps - "Anthropogenic Biomes of the World, Version 2, 1900: South America" • Colby Stopa - "Calgary Flood 2013" • Richard Allaway - "Time to get a showel and a brush"

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