A glimpse of Time A photoessay by gina Troia

Since my last Mercy Day in high school is approaching, I’ve started reflecting on my time in high school.

My photo IDs throughout the years

In addition to my hair getting longer, a lot has changed. I decided to travel back in time to take a look at my years at Mercy.

My first Spirit Week-2016

My freshman year I felt welcomed by everyone. All of the girls I met were so nice and friendly. I really enjoyed my first Spirit Week, Mission Week, and especially Mercy Day. Freshman year was filled with laughter and enjoyment.

Once Upon a Nocturne-2017

Sophomore year was filled with memorable moments. One of the most fun nights was my first Nocturne. I also remember speech team. That year I did an informative speech on stuttering. As a person who stutters, that was a big challenge. My speech coach pushed me beyond my comfort zone and I ended up receiving 5th place in districts. That year taught me I can do anything.


Junior year was very stressful, but it was one of my favorite school years. I experienced PA as a Pink Lady in Grease. I also experienced my first Prom. 2018-2019 was also the beginning of college searching. With all of that stress, I still was able to enjoy myself. I went on a service trip in Chicago at a place called Misericordia where I got to work with people who have special needs. Because of that trip, I left my comfort zone and I found an appreciation for people who are less fortunate than I am.

Light the Fire

So far my senior year has been filled with retreats. I started the summer with the Kairos Retreat. I gained a deeper understanding of my faith and I became closer with some of my classmates. Recently I experienced my senior retreat. There I learned that everyone has troubles in their life and how God is helping us through it. Our retreat leaders taught us to use our gifts from God to light the fire in the world.

Selfie Time

I believe Mercy has shaped me into the woman I am today. Through the help of the teachers, the other students, and the incredible story of Catherine McAuley I will become a proud Woman of Mercy. Through the story of Mother McAuley, I learned that anything is possible as long as you have faith in yourself and in God.

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