Our Fav-fur-ite Office-Mates Have Relocated!

The table is a bit less cluttered now...

The office has been conspicuously quiet these past couple weeks, as the kittens that FGT founder Jenn Cullenbine had been fostering since March have found new fur-ever homes. All four kittens have been adopted by loving owners! Fostering kittens is no small feat; it’s not just a type of extended cat-sitting. Newborn kittens are almost entirely dependent on their mothers for the first month; they can’t see or hear clearly, nor can they regulate their own body temperature. They also need to be fed every 2-3 hours for the first 2 weeks--no exceptions for night time. Fortunately, FGT is a very pet-friendly office, and the kitten quartet had plenty of helpers available to ensure they never went unattended.

Diana on her way to edit some emails.

It was incredible to watch them go from helpless infants to exuberant escape artists. Eventually, they were even able to offer input during meetings. As it turns out, they are very passionate about equity in education, and will meow fervently whenever backpack tags are being discussed. We’re grateful to have had such loving, adventurous energy in the office for the past few months, and inspired to take that enthusiasm into the Summer season of our Back-to-School Drive!

Office Helpers

Boba Review: Sancha Bar

The time of established days for boba has passed us as FGT heads into the hectic summer months of our Back-to-School Drive. This past Wednesday, our Boba Squad braved the 3pm traffic to bring back our sugary fuel from Sancha Bar.

Ordering Experience: 3/5 Located close to Milpitas High, Sancha Bar definitely gets a lot of business from the after school crowd. If you aren’t a high-schooler, however, you might not want to find yourself caught up in that flock.

Taste Factor: 5/5 Jake’s chicken was finished by the time we’d gotten around to asking for opinions, but it left him with fond, savory memories. Lynn’s roasted tea was the perfect sweetness, and the red beans’ flavor only drove home the balance of savory and saccharine.

Textural Quality: 2/5 Experimentation always pays off, but learning about what you don’t like can sometimes be a hard bit of jelly to swallow. Evelyn tried crystal boba for the first time, and found that its texture had a smack to it which matched that of a jellyfish or rubber band. Celeste, who has previous experience with crystal boba, also found the chewiness to be rather intense.

Overall: 3/5 Bubbles With a fair amount of traffic, and some overly-chewy pearls, this Boba Wednesday could definitely be labeled a learning experience.

Kitten Feature: Thor (AKA Winston, Fluffster, Loki...)

We all love an underdog, but what about an undercat? Say hello to Thor, who is even softer in person than his pictures suggest. The smallest of his litter, with ambiguous developmental difficulties, veterinarians never thought he would survive. Now, his favorite activities include purring, being cuddled, and meowing to get the attention of humans who are not yet cuddling him.

When his brothers and sisters first started climbing their cage and play-fighting, Thor’s back legs weren’t strong enough to support him for longer than a few seconds. It might’ve taken more time for him to meet milestones than other kittens, but now he’s not only walking--he’s calmly participating in office-place reenactments of The Lion King. He recently had a scary run-in with pneumonia, but was brought in quickly enough that simple antibiotics were able to cure him, and now he’s breathing easy. Thor is also fully-sighted, after having been blind for about 2 months (most kittens see after 3 weeks), and his grey eyes are always on the lookout for adventure.

This little guy is a great reminder of the amazing good we can all do with a little love, attention, and belief in each others’ worth. 💓

Small but mighty!


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