Add a New User to your Blackboard Course

You can enroll instructors, students, teaching assistants, and other users individually into a course

1. Navigate the to Course Management menu of the course you wish to add the user to and click "Users and Groups."

2. Click "Users."

3. Click "Find Users to Enroll."

There are 2 ways to find users:

4a. If you know the user's EMPLID (username), you can type it directly into the box.

4b. If you do not know the user's EMPLID (username), click browse. You will be prompted to search for the user. You can choose to look for users by first or last name, or by email. When you find the correct user, check the box next to their name and click submit.

Note: You can only add users to the course who are registered in CUNY. You cannot add non-CUNY members to your course.

5. Select the desired role for the new user from the drop down menu.

6. Leave "Enrollment Availability" set to yes, and click submit.

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