Yellow River Kameron Cox

Yellow River Flood 1034 - natural disaster along China's yellow river originating in a burst fascine at Hengiong in the Territory of the Northern Song Dynasty. It divided the Yellow River from its previous courses into three more northerly channels meeting in Chihe, You, and Jin.

Yellow River Flood 1344 - major natural disaster during the Yuan Dynasty of Imperial China. The terrible conditions helped fuel rebellions that led to the founding of the Ming Dynasty. The river shifted courses south of the Shandong Peninsula. Took one year to recover from
Yellow River Flood 1375 - Major natural disaster that affected Kaifeng, China. Death toll was estimated between 15,000 a 25,000 farmers. Took many months to recover from
Yellow River Flood 1410 - Natural disaster affecting Kaifeng, China. Struck during the early years of the reign of the usurping Yongle Emperor, damaging thousands of acres of farmland, killing 14,000 families. Took several months to recover
Yellow River Flood 1416 - Natural disaster affecting the area around. Kaifeng, China during the Ming Dynasty. The Flood spilled over 14 counties and seriously disturbed the Huai River. Took almost a year to recover from he Flood.
Yellow River Flood 1642 - Man made disaster that principally affected Kaifeng and Xuzhou. The Flood was directed by the Ming governor of the city. Over 300,000 - 378,000 residents were killed. The Flood took 6 months to recover
Yellow River 1887 Flood - Devestating Flood in China. The river is prone to flooding due to its elevated nature of he river. The Flood began in September of 1887 and killed over 900,000 people. The Flood took years to fully recover from.
Yellow River Flood 1897 - Major natural disaster during the late Qing Dynasty. After this Flood, the Yellow river changed its course to what it is today. The Flood took months to recover from.
Yellow River Flood 1931 - series of floods that occurred in the republic of china. Considered one of the deadliest natural disaster ever r corded. Estimate deaths between 145,000 - 4 million. 9 cyclones hit the region causing great rainfall
Yellow River Flood 1938 - Flood was created by the Nationalist Government in Central China during the early stage of the Second Sino- Japanese War. Called the largest act of environmental warfare in history. It took years for this area to recover after the flood
Dikes were created along the Yellow River in order to prevent flooding from occurring.


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