CHANGE is not as hard as we make it

We live in a divided world. We are separated by race, religion, gender, politics, and any other label you could think of. When I first had the idea of the Positivity Summit it was because of all the negativity that I was seeing on my timeline. There are workshops everywhere that are amazing for pumping people up. The only problem, is once the event is over the energy usually goes with it.

I didn't want to create an event I wanted to create a movement. Our Positivity Summit isn't just about hearing great speakers, amazing workshops, or even the networking party theres more to it than that. One of the biggest components of our summit is our give back day. The last day of the summit I will be taking all 145 attendees on a day of giving. Information comes and goes but what you feel when helping others never leaves.

And as my personal gift to the first 145 attendees I will be taking $100 off every Positivity Summit they attend until they are free forever, regardless of ticket price or who I have speaking at it.

Changing the world takes time, action, and most of all collaboration.

None of this is possible without US. I can't wait to see you all there!!

March 10-11 Rutherford Hall, Allamuchy New Jersey Promo Code: Give2017

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