Students are engaged

Engaging with Indiana’s rural communities provides students with opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills, advance their professional and career interests, communicate with diverse audiences, and problem-solve with people outside their immediate field of study.

"Engaging with the community enhanced my learning by allowing me to use my skills and knowledge gained in school in the real world."
"It helped me realize the importance of using my abilities to improve the lives of others and the rewards that come along with that."
"It opened my eyes to the importance of recycling and will make me live a more sustainable life moving forward."
"I gained a better understanding of the importance in developing sustainable practices in rural communities."

Preparing for future civic engagement and careers

Guided by faculty who share relevant knowledge and best practices, students become equipped with the knowledge and transferable skills to address real-world issues and opportunities.

"This project further encouraged me to pursue an entrepreneurial career."
"This project has influenced me to think about volunteering to help out local communities after graduation."
"It enhanced my learning because I had to put myself in the shoes of a county extremely different than the county I grew up in."
"It opened my eyes to what its like to be a community leader in small town America."

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