The Divine A Play for sarah bernhardt

The Spatial Experience: When I first walked into the theatre I was amazed by the initial set that was on the stage. The intricacy of everything was something that really impressed me. As we all sat down to get ready for the play the ushers smushed us all in the front of the theatre which created a cramped feeling that took away from my enjoyment of the show. I think the theatre was rather small so there was not really a bad seat in there so I don't think my seat really affected how I experienced the show. I believe the role of place aligns with the good life a lot. If a person is constantly in a place that makes them happy then they will overall be happier throughout there life.

In the lobby of the theatre

The Social Experience: Unfortunately I had to see the play without friends so everyone I was sitting around were strangers. I think I would have enjoyed the play more if I would have seen it with friends because I would have had people to talk about the play with during intermission or after and I think it would have been a more enjoyable experience. To get ready for the performance I read up on the play so I would have a little background knowledge going in. I think shared experience plays a huge role in the good life because things are always better when you do them with people you love so having overall better experiences could lead to an overall better life.

Eagerly awaiting the performance

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience: This play did not really sway my views at on the subject at all but it did surprise me in showing how corrupt things were in 1905 when the play took place. The central issue addressed in the story was weather Talbot would take the church's bribe or do what was right. I know very much about the subject matter because there has been so many issues with it in recent years. Like I said this performance did not change my views on the subject, I think it is 100% wrong and there is no excuse you can come up with to make it right. The subject matter does not have any relationship to my life but I found it very interesting when the actor who played Talbot discussed in the talk back how he had to prepare and come into this role because what happened was so horrific and it was something he had never experienced so it was hard for him to relate.

Leaving the play

The Emotional Experience: I don't think this play really provides a katharsis for the individual because I think what happened in the play is something that rarely happens but I do think it provides a katharsis for society or the church. The topic of rape by church officials was incredibly taboo for many years and I think this play does serve as a coming clean for everyone who tried to keep this topic under wraps. This topic was very socially unacceptable until recent years but I love how theatre brings out things people are too afraid to talk about.

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