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February 2019

the first short - Term exchange of the groups of the pupils

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The place of the first short - term exchange of the groups of the pupils

Valencia, SPAIN
Monday, 11th February 2019
Ice breaking activity to know better each other
Find someone who.......
the main goal was to put pupils from abroad together and come over the block in speaking English
Pupils tried to find somebody with the same interests, features, things....

The Spanish classmates and teachers showed us their school and introduced the school system

The pupils from each partner’s school prepared short presentations with important facts ...

...about the climate of the country
...about the effect of climate on agriculture
...and about the school garden as the most important place of the school

The main topic of the first day of the mobility:

Adobe in the classroom

Slovak students introduced and explained their foreign classmates three applications which will be very useful and important for the future project activities

Then they worked together in six international groups and explored each tool in these applications

Tuesday, 12th February 2019

Experience based learning outside the school

The main topics of the second day of the mobility:

Protection of the environment and life in it
Local food production and self- suficiency

In the morning we visited Oceanographic in Valencia not just to see diversity of the life in the nature and different animal species which live in the oceans and on the land but....

... also to spread the message which we got during dolphin show

protection of the life in oceans and oceans in general is very important

we all - plants, animals, humans are dependEd on water

In the afternoon we spend one hour in Centre of Climate Changes in Valencia

The staff of this centre prepared for our pupils educational activities which should increase their awarenes due to importance of the local food production and local markets and self - sufFiciency of the country
Wednesday, 13th February 2019

The main topic of the third day:

iMovie in the Classroom and Adobe Spark in the Classroom

The pupils worked in the same international teams again and the common task for them was...

Introduce your international team by using Adobe Spark Applications and iMovie for the final editing

Spanish pupils prepared for us open robotic lesson with Lego Mindstorms EV3 and its possible use in the garden

The afternoon was free for our pupils. Some of them spent it in families with their Spanish classmates and Slovak students made their daily videoblogs

Teachers carried on the teachers meeting

Thursday, 14th February 2019

The main topic of the forth day:

Local agriculture, local crops, local drink

Guided tour to local Spanish fields

Local crops grew on the field although it was February and at this time fields in Germany and Slovakia are empty.

Growing of potatoes

We could see different irrigation system on the fields and different growing technologies too.

Typical local crops - Tiger nuts
explaining of tiger nut’s growing conditions

The place where the tiger nuts are dried

The way of drying effect the quality
tasting of Spanish national drink “Horchata”
The great and unique possibility for us
We could prepare “Horchata” by ourselves
and compare the taste of both

In the evening Spanish school with the parents prepared for us Goodbye party so we are thankful for the great evening which we spent together

Friday, 15th February 2019

Last day of the mobility was focused on evaluation, summary and farewell

international teams presented the work they did during the week

They had to introduced their international teams by using Adobe Spark applications and iMovie

self - evaluation

The students’ work was not evaluated only with teachers but the students evaluated their achieved knowledge and teamwork by themselves

last common activity was in art laboratory

This activity strenghtened new relationships and we think was the best ending of the short - term exchange of the groups of the pupils in Valencia

Goodbye Spain🇪🇸

See you soon in Slovakia 🇸🇰 in May

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