January 2017 Time to Renew, You!

A new year, a new you! Something we all say to ourselves, right?! It's time to address all those things we have decided we're unhappy with in our lives. We all realign our fitness goals, swear THIS time we'll lose all the weight, and overcommit ourselves to unrealistic goals. In the end, how quickly do we fall off that path? Far too early usually. But, not this time! I'm hear to remind you, I'm here for you- to help you achieve those fitness goals! Let's make a plan, and discuss how to make those goals SMART, so that THIS time, you DO succeed by sticking to real goals. Let ME hold you accountable!

All of the excess sugar of the season has probably caught up to you and has made you feel slowed-down. It's a time that we don't just try to excerise more, but we often try to eat healthier, or finally start that new diet. I urge you to not hop on to a fad and stress your system with too much sudden exercise and not enough of the right nutrition, but to start that new healthy eating habit slowly. Choose moments during the week that you an improve upon realistially- maybe you start cooking 3x/week or always make your own breakfast, and only have that latte from Dunkies 2x instead of 5x.... these are the ways to make real change. If you try to do too much all at once, it becomes overwhelming, and easy to slip back into old behavior patterns. So think about what you'd like to change- where's a good place to start? Let's talk so I can help you see a "new you" a little more clearly and realistically this new year!

Check out the story by Charles Upshaw- his story is inspiring, and his achievement was a challenge. Your goal is not so far off-Just a reminder that you don't have to overwhelm yourself, start with one goal & stick with it:

We Have IT! Your resolution solution!

It's time to get serious!

New ERG this week- time to switch it up!

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Join ERGs with a "Resolution Solution" package, or sign-up separately!

Check-out my BOSTON ATHLETIC CLUB Blog this month and some great articles by my co-worker, Brandon, including this one on stress:

Time to detox!

VEGGIES!! I think when we talk about "detoxing" after the holidays, what we're really saying is that we want to get back to a healthy eating lifestyle, or at least compared to what we're currently eating thanks to the holidays! Just a reminder that this doesn't mean you have to remove everything from your diet suddenly and just eat raw celery- no, you will be hungry and unable to workout! So you have to strike a balance. Utilize your fitness and diet goals as a guide to ween away from those holiday treats and comfort foods. I think this article defines and sums up nicely what it means to do a diet detox. Click the button below for some helpful recipes to get you back on track!

Let me know how I can help this month- I'm here for you!

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