Geometry in my neighborhood By:Tarin

We were assigned a project to find a building in our neighborhood with interesting geometric features.

Here is the building I chose to do.



One special feature this building has is its base, which has a pole of wood in the ground to help stabilize the roof from where the wind normally comes and to hold the extra weight on the side. There is also a rectangular shape to hold it up. Another feature it has is that on the bottom there is a rectangle slab on the ground instead of a cube and having to add more for steps. In the front, instead of having the fence just floating it has little posts going into the pavement to hold it still and up the posts are little rectangles so air can get in and you can cool down. The posts are little rectangles too, so that it can have a firm grip on the floor and can hold it higher. For the parts in the ground I believe the planks are 180 degree so it can spread out and get a grip of the ground.


One feature to help hold the roof up is that instead of just running it straight there are rectangle wood supporters going under the roof connecting to another plank going into the ground. I think the reason for a rectangle wood is so that it can hold all the roof instead of just one spot or angle. Also when it extends on one side there is another pole to hold it up, which is also a rectangle so it can reach the ground. At the top so that the rain can easily fall off, there is an acute angle. The planks holding the roof liners at the end have triangles to match and hold the roof better. The reason there's an obtuse angle where the two roof sections meet is because one is at an angle to make the rain at the top come down and the other slows it down so it doesn't splash as much.


I chose this building because it was one of the only buildings I could find that looked different than the rest. I found this building at the Hawaiian Shores park near my house.

Thank you for listening.

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