Holy Week by Aimee Rischard

  • Lesson Objectives:
  • Define Holy Week.
  • Understand the significance of each day and the symbols associated with each day.
  • Recognize the sacrifice that was made.
  • Discuss how these three days have impacted your life, today.


INTERACT: *pass out 3 colored crosses: red, yellow, and blue. All reds are in a group, blues are in a group, and yellows are in a group.* Answer Questions as a group

  • What are the titles of the 4 days of Holy Week?
  • What do we do on specifically on each on of those four days?
  • Name one of the many symbolic gestures we do during these days and as a group make a posture and Label the day and the symbolic gesture.


Holy Thursday: the washing of the feet of the RCIA candidates.


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