It's been a week since president Obama delivered his farewell address, a tradition that's been in the running since 1796. It predates what is likely a significant change for modern Americans, the transition from a fairly reserved and progressive president to a sometimes painfully exuberant and socially conservative caterpillar.

45th President of United States

With a 55% disapproval rating, the transition has certainly got a significant number of Americans concerned. In times like these, we're incentivized -- for better or worse -- to look at the past with rose colored glasses and an aura of melancholy. But it's certainly more useful to look for flaws with the skeptic's eye, isn't it? Flaws are, after all, the pathway to improvement and a better future?


Whether or not we fall on the same point of the political spectrum, we surely must agree that for any activist who truly believes his claims must seek to implement them to the greatest degree, or else he wouldn't really be an activist... What is the image of a politician in our post-modern society other than someone who has brought the notion of activism to it's highest expression? If we are to believe Obama's claim that he is an honest politician with the people's interests -- rather than his own -- in mind, then we must expect that he'll fight for whatever he claims to believe in as much as he can.

We're only left with two options. Obama is incompetent, in that he's been unable to realize the effectualness in pushing for legislation when you're in an advantageous position, or that he's not very dedicated to achieving the goals he claims to have. Oh well compromise sounds nice right?


The end of any healthy melancholic venture into the past is a stark and strident recognition of future realities to come? How can the average joe, who is likely to not like Donald Trump consolidate his opinion with the reality of a Trump presidency? The claim that trump will be a sort of Herbert Hoover isn't a sufficient excuse: the house is dominated by republicans, whose policies are also incongruous with the notions the majority of the populace have. Well, that's something you guys'll have to figure out.



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