Today I logged into my Sparks account to update my blog to find out it disappeared. On the bright side I like the layout of this new one. I posted my first YouTube video on February 5th. It currently has 73 views, 2 comments, and 10 likes! I also have gained 8 subscribers. This week I did some work for my next video. I plan to upload at least every Sunday. I might post a vlog today or tomorrow as well as another video on Sunday.



It's 12:13am and I'm so conflicted about my YouTube content already. Right now I'm thinking of changing my project to doing something new every week so all my videos have such a wide range of activities. I feel like it could showcase how to get out to do new things since there will literally be a different type of video every week or even give people ideas on things to do. The only problem is if I run out of ideas then I am quite screwed. But I have so many ideas in my head and written down that I'm not sure I will.


It's been roughly a week since I uploaded my first video and I already have 12 subscribers, 234 total channel views, and 3 comments. I'm super excited and happy how it's going so far. But I think I still need to improve the qualities of my videos which I am working on. There hasn't been a day where Im thinking about my channel and how to improve it even if i don't blog it it's constantly on my mind.

overview of my channel so far


I'M SO EXCITED because my first video is almost to 100 views (currently at 99)! My goal was to have at least 20 subscribers, 100 view per video, and at least one like and comment and I'm so close to it in just one week!


So I posted a video yesterday and it got 100 views in just one whole day! That beat my record by far. It's clear that people will only watch depending on who's in my videos and what kind of video it is. I still want to stay true to my channel and only post videos that I want to post no matter how many view one gets because in the end I just want my community I'm trying to build to be as pure and as relatable to my content as possible. But I really am glad how my work has been doing. I've really been working hard and balancing out school, dance, and my personal life to find time to record, and edit which isn't as easy as it sounds.

My original idea for yesterdays video did not go well at all. I was planning to do an active wear look book outside but it started to rain on the only days I was able to record. So I had to quickly think of something else I could do. I am a little disappointed that I had to put out a vlog as a main video because I don't want to become just a vlogger but I promised and made a commitment that I would post on my scheduled uploading day.

another update on how my channel is going. i've gained 4 subscribers since about a week!


The coolest thing happened today. Someone requested for me to do a video which is super exciting and meaningful because they admire my account and took the time to ask about it.


So it's about 3 am and I just came up with an idea that would beats all my previous ones. I knew I wanted to do something with YouTube or social media for my project and my one idea that only had was creating a channel about lifestyle (fashion, diy, vlogs, etc.) because YouTube is such a casual but effect platform. I don't think I would have that much of a significant impact though with just doing those I don't think it's powerful enough. I've been thinking and I want to change my project to something that has to do with confidence and dance. A lot of things made me inspired to do this. One of them is obviously I love dancing, but also this choreographer i follow on social media calls her heels classes "Pumpfidence" which to me the most genius idea because let alone walking in heels gives you just a boost of confidence imagine DANCING in heels. I also really like creating "music video" esc videos so I could incorporate those two together. I'm still working on getting my idea in one solid clear statement and goal but I know I want to change it to this for sure. Right now because of my circumstances with school, dance, learning to drive, getting a job, I don't think I will be doing something weekly like what I've been doing. I am thinking of creating a music video containing dance.


update on my channel so far it's gone a very long way since I've started about a month ago so I've reached my goal so far which was


We just finished presenting our pitches yesterday and received our feedback today. Based on the feedback I feel like I should continue doing the variety of videos but in my TED talk I need to emphasize the types of videos more and how they might inspire the community. During this break I will still be kind of busy with dance rehearsals but I will have all of the mornings free so I plan to either prerecord a bunch of videos so that when spring break is over all I have to do is upload them on my uploading days. Or I want to also work on a really cool detailed and inspirational video.


Haven't had a chance to just sit down and update my blog even though there has been really exciting engagement on my channel. I've seriously been swamped with dance rehearsals, helping my friends with prom posters, and just trying to keep up with life. But my recent video (FIDM Montage) recieved a comment from FIDM's account! I'll insert a screenshot after this post. But I'v really learning a lot from this project even just after a month. Time is never on your side, in the beginning I knew it was gonna be hard to balance it all but I knew I could do it but sometimes it's just hard to find time to film and edit. I really do enjoy the editing process but it takes a very long time. Also while trying to keep my channel as positive as possible I wasn't prepared to be in a bad mood so it's just been hard to be in front of the camera and be GENUINE. Ben says that I should do just a little bit of acting just so I could get a video out there but I don't know what to do because even though my audience won't know it's fake, I will know and I'm just not sure I need to put a video out there that bad to the extent of being fake.

Today I'm going to take time to just clean and organize because sometimes it helps me be in a better mood and think more positively and clearly. I might go thrift shopping tomorrow just to put myself in a better mood, not necessarily just filling a void with shopping but I don't know why thrifting makes me think better and gives me a bunch of creative ideas. Some things are just hard to do because of timing issues and I don't drive so it's all just planning.

This was super exciting to see!!


So far I've been gaining viewers little by little and have got some positive feedback from other YouTube channels as well as just other viewers. Something exciting that happened was that someone from Croatia messaged me on Instagram telling me that she really liked my channel!

Here's a screen shot of what she said.
Here is an update of my channel so far.

Something that I'm really working on and learning about is to not get discouraged. It gets frustrating when your video doesn't get that many views when you worked very hard on it and you see all these channels growing super quickly but you have to just look past it just be proud of it.


Since the last time I posted on this blog I uploaded a video from the request that Emma made. She loved it so I was glad to hear that. I'm trying new ways on how I'm going about with my channel. So I used to post about it on my other social media sites but mainly Instagram and now I'm going to stop doing that for a few videos. So every 3-4 videos I'll post about it so that way people will maybe be more curious as to what I've been posting since the last time I've posted. Currently I'm planning to do a Music Festival Lookbook and a Music Festival Accessories DIY. It's been about two months since I've started my channel and I've gained 25 subscribers and 1,005 channel views so far.

here's a link to my latest video

As for planning what I'm going to be presenting for my symposium presenting I'm going to definitely have my MacBook and maybe 1 or 2 chrome books displayed so people can check out my videos . Also I might do something to gain followers and views what I'm thinking right now is to have options like "Subscribe for a Jolly Rancher" or "Watch 2 videos and comment something for A Snickers/Kit Kat/Etc" or something along those lines but I definitely wan to use this to gain a larger audience. I'm going to use a science board to display my title and put pictures of what I've done so far along with my future plans in videos and the comments people have left and essential use it to show my progress and use the laptops to display what my project actually is.


I feel like the symposium was very fun. I think it prepared me more for the TED talk. I got a few people that came up that already watch my videos which was very exciting. Also people had mentioned they liked my videos. I also have received 10 more subscribers from advertising. I think I'm going to try to make a huge goal and really try to reach it which is to reach 100 subscribers and more views on my videos by the TED talk and just improve my engagement and following. So I currently have 60 subscribers and an average of 60-100 views per video. I'd like to try to get 100 subscribers and an average of 80-200 views. I think I might try to upload more than once a week in order to do that. Also I vlogged the symposium day, I will put the link below.


Yesterday I filmed a tutorial on how to do lace up shirts. I need to finish editing it. I'm trying to prerecord at least 4-6 videos so I don't fall behind in other work (ACT FInal, video for the TED Talk, dance, homework etc). Me Josh and Nathan are doing a collab. since we are all doing Youtube. For my channel were doing a DIY Challenge and basically competing on who can make the best mothers day gift. (I bought 3 vases and 3 bouquets of flowers and also have some other art supplies we could use) We haven't gotten to film it yet because Nathan wasn't here on Monday and Josh is gone for AP testing.

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