alcohol can eat you alive By: Delaney foster

When most people think about alcohol, they think about it as a way to have fun. But if you have too much fun with alcohol it will eventually get you into trouble.

people the age of 21 or over the age of 21 are likely to go to party's, clubs, or just sit around and drink. Then before long they are intoxicated.

that same person that was just "having fun" got in a car crash and and killed the passengers of the other vehicle because they were not drinking responsibly.

alcohol is actually really bad for the human body, it can effect every part of our body. one of the biggest things that alcohol affects is the mental building blocks. people that are addicted to alcohol often ruin those building blocks and then can no longer function correctly, and think that they can no longer live without alcohol.
people that abuse alcohol most times end up having to get liver surgery, alcohol erodes (eats away) your liver cells one by one and eventually your liver can no longer function.

Alcohol is not good or helpful for any part of your body it eats away every single cell little by little. or every system in our body.

if you are a serious drinker it can lead to diseases in the heart into the heart muscle called cardiomyopathy.

most people when it gets very serious they either get help or they end up drinking and don't care and then eventually they unfortunately pass away, but i think it is very important for those who abuse alcohol to get help, it is available any time anywhere.


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