Tattoos on the Heart Book Project By: victor wilSon

Preface and Introduction: The preface and introduction is about Fr. Gregory Boyle and how Homeboy Industries came into being. I find it so beautiful, the story of Fr. Greg starting Homeboy Industries. Homeboy Industries began with marches that would go through the projects where tensions were high. These marchers called themselves the Committee for Peace. They would calm the gang members with their prayer and singing. One day the Committee for Peace went to factories surrounding the housing projects to tell the factory foreman that what gang members really wanted wasn't just money, they wanted jobs. This was the beginning of Homeboy Industries.

"God, I Guess": The first chapter (God, I Guess) I believe carries one of the most powerful messages of the book. God can be anything to any one, someone who helps you, inspires you, loves you, that is God acting in your life. The story of Mike Wallace going to Homeboy Industries is very entertaining. Mike Wallace showed up to Homeboy Industries in a flack jacket, acting as if he is going into an active war zone, but after seeing it for a while he said to Fr.Greg, "Can I admit something? I came here expecting monsters. But that's not what I found." That is such an awesome moment for the people participating in Homeboy Industries and Fr. Greg because this showed that the members of Homeboy Industries are not all ruthless gang members. Wallace later goes on to ask a homie why Fr.Greg hasn't turned him into the police, the homie replies, "God I guess."

"Dis-Grace": the second chapter ( Dis-Grace) is about how the gang members feel. They feel as if they have no hope to redeeming themselves. This chapter really spoke to me. There was a story in side this chapter, the story of Carmen. Carmen was a heroin addict, gang member, street person, and an occasional prostitute. When Carmen came in to meet with Fr.Greg, he thought of her as an interruption, she then chokes up and tells Fr. G she is a disgrace. This is when Fr. Greg realizes he mistook her as a interruption, she was a human. This message has stuck with me. People who need help can seem to be a wast of time, but they are humans and it is our duty as fellow humans to help them.

"Compassion": the third chapter (Compassion) is about how commpassion is the most tender wholesome feeling their is. Fr.G tells us a story of a time he was in Folsom Prison. The inmates wanted to learn something other than theology so Fr.G told them about short stories. One of the stories was Flannery O'Connor's " A Good Man is Hard to Find." They began to talk of the Grandmothers change of heart through the story, one inmate describing his take used the words sympathy, empathy, and compassion interchangeably. Fr. Greg asked the inmates then what each word meant; they had no problem defining each word except for compassion. The room fell silent then an old timer raises his hand and said "Well, now, compassion- that's sumthin' altogether different. Cause, that's what Jesus did."

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