Missael Contreras bim I

January 5th 2017

How was your break and what did you do?

During my break all I did was stay home and play games all night. My break was okay except when GTA stopped working and i had to buy the game again. I also spent so time at an uncles house playing with my cousins and celebrating Christmas and New Years at there house.

January 6th 2017

What is the most trouble you have ever given your parents? What is the most enjoyment you have ever given them?

The most trouble that i have given my parents was when I broke the motor in my dads truck for forgetting to put oil in it. The enjoyment that i have given my parents is not getting in trouble a lot.

January 10th 2017

Does writing help you express your feelings?

Writing doesn't help me express my feeling because i hate writing and i am bad at it. I also don't talk about my feelings so i just express them vocally.

January 12th 2017

What dream can you conceive? Can you believe it? Can you achieve it?

A dream that i want to achieve is to own my own truck and I think that I can achieve that goal buy nest year because all I need is to work in the summer to buy it. I also dream that I can go to college and graduate in finance. Finally I want to able to support my family in the future.

January 13th 2017

What are you doing this weekend

This weekend im going to stay at home and play games or sleep all day long.Or i might work if my dad wants to take me to work.

January 17th 2017

How do you decide if you like someone? How do you show interest in them?

I decide if i like some one if they are nice to me and care.I show interest by saying hi.

January 19th 2017

Have you ever "passed on a kindness"?

Yes i have passed on kindness when a friend bought me tacos in the morning sop the next morning i went and bought tacos and gave them to another friend.I also try and to help others when i am doing something good in class and they need help.

January 24th 2017

Who is your biggest fan?

My biggest fan is my mother because she supports ,me in everything and stands by my side when i need it. She helps me out in life and how to be a good person and why. My mother is also my biggest fan because when i do something good she cheers for me and when i fail she is also there for me.

January 26th 2017

What do you love most about yourself? What do others love about you?

What i love the most about myself is that i can get along with most people that i meet. I think that what others like about me is that im funny or something else and that i always give people rides home.

January 31 2017

Which of your senses is the most important to you? What would you do without it?

The sense that is more important to me would be my sight because with out it i could not enjoy the beauty in this world. With out it i could not see. I also think that i could live without the others but not sight because its to important

February 2nd 2017

How do you see yourself? How do you think others see you?

I see my self as a funny person that likes to yang out with people. I think or hope they see me as i see myself and not something else. I think they see me as a a friend and someone funny.

February 3rd 2017

Do you treat people as they are, or as they ought to be?

I do treat people as they are, because some people are nice so I treat them nice as well. I would like to treat everyone the same but some people are mean and dont deserve to be treated the same.

February 7th 2017

How were you taught to tell the truth?

I was taught to tell the truth by being told that if i didn't bad things would happen or i would be in trouble.

February 9th 2017

Have your parents ever practiced "long division" on you and your friends?

No my parents have never practiced long division because i dont take friends home. SO my parents dont know my friends. Also they trust me that i hang out with friends that they approve of

February 16th 2017

What was the stupidest thing you have ever done? Did someone persuade you to do it?

The stupidest thing i have done is steal my dads truck to go to a friends house. I didn't get caught but i almost crashed. I have done other things but i dont remember.

February 17th 2017

Any topic of choice.

I just want to know why we have tp do this. I dont mind doing it but i dont like it i wished we could just do a quick write on Friday every week

February 21st 2017

What do you wish you knew then that you know now?

I wish that i knew that you need to do your work in high school because im doing very bad grade wise. I also wished i new that i new i would not do so good with homework

February 28th 2017

What is the most frightening thing that has happened to you? How did you live through it?

The most frightening thing that has happened to me was when i crashed with my dad. I got over it by thinking that everything was alrigh.

March 2nd 2017

Have you ever received an anonymous gift? Have your ever given one? How did it feel?

Yes i have received an anonymous gift and it felt good. I how ever have not given noone an anonymous gift.

March 3rd 2017

What do you try to do "perfectly"? What happens?

I try to play soccer perfectly but i just got frustrated and stooped playing soccer completely. What happens is that you focus to much on it that if you do something wrong you stay mad at that error for a long time.

March 7th 2017

What is the best thing you have seen teenagers do lately?

I think that what teenagers are best at is hare information about them self and others. This is due to thew fact that we use social media almost all days.

March 9th 2017

Has a smile ever changed your day?

Yes a smile has changed my day.

March 21st 2017

What did you do over spring break

I slept all of spring break and played gta on my xbox all nigh long every day.

April 11th 2017

What is the secret of your success? What is the one thing you do that makes you successful?

The secret to my success is to do everything relaxed and not stress over anything. I think that something that makes me successful is being able to stay calm during difficult times.

April 13th 2017

For whom can you make life less difficult today?

I made my band director life less difficult today because i was listening to everything he said and i did what ever he wanted. He was also mad at the band because we were not counting the music right and had to replay the same spot for 20 min.

April 20th 2017

How are you unlike any other person? What makes you unique and different from everyone else?

I have different DNA and thats how im different form everyone else.

April 24th 2017

Are you carrying around "barnacles" in the form of mistakes, regrets, and pain from the past? How could you let go of these burdens.

I do carry them because theres something that i have done that i regret. I let go of them by forgetting about them

april 27th 2017

Have you ever been "burned" by a bad experience? Has a bad experience ever transformed you and turned you into a new person?

I have been burned from a bad experience because i didn't make a select team on 5th grade and i felt that i sucked at soccer. I has because i started to practice a lot.

May 4th 2017

Is there anything you hate doing, but you do it anyway because it makes you a better person? What is it?

I do have something but i still do it for example school because its the law and my parents want me to go to college.

May 12th 2017

What situation in your life requires win-win thinking?

I have to win when i argue even if i am wrong i still have to be right....


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