ISIS: a threat in the modern age Some may think ISIS is old news, but it may surprise you what still lurks inside the Islamic States shadow.


Caliphate- A Caliphate is the rule by a caliph or muslim ruler. You'll usually see This brought up by ISIS wanting to establish a supreme muslim ruler who has full reign and control around the world.

Jihad/Jihadi- Jihad is the fight against those who oppose Islam. A Jihadi is someone who carries out the fight to those who are enemies of Islam. This is term is used mostly to those who are part of an muslim extremist group such as ISIS

Terrorism/terrorist- The phrase terrorism means to unlawfully use force and violence, especially against the innocent (such as civilians) for political gain. This is quite often the headline of a newspaper when ISIS decides to carry out it's attacks.

Propaganda- The definition of propaganda is information that is biased or is misleading, usually used to promote, or delegitimize a political cause or view point. This is usually used to sway others to believe in their form (in the case ISIS's) radical beliefs.

ISIS- ISIS stands for Islamic state of Iraq and Syria, You also have ISIL which is Islamic State of Iraq and the levant. This gives you some understanding where the terrorist group was formed and located before even needing to look up information about ISIS.

Extremist- an extremist is someone who holds extreme political or religious views, especially someone who advocates extreme action. This is often associated with ISIS since the group holds extremist views, both politically and religiously.

how can we (the Us) and other countries defeat isis?

Where as ISIS might seem to pose a potential threat in the future, there has been ideas on how to stop this terrorist group before taking any action. In fact one of them might be to stop ISIS propaganda from even being able to get on the web. In fact, This has been already been brought up before by restricting ISIS’s reach on social media. “Keep up pressure on social media companies such as Twitter to enforce their own Terms of Use to take down any ISIS material that encourages violence. Earlier this year, Twitter quietly took down 2,000 accounts used by ISIS supporters” according to CNN’s national news analyst, Peter Bergen. This shows how even though ISIS maybe be trying to lure people in from social media, we are taking preventatives to stop this propaganda from getting on the web; but even though we have taken steps to break down ISIS, will we even need them? Maybe not “As many as 50,000 ISIS fighters have been killed since the war against the terror group began, a senior US military official told CNN” as reported from a CNN pentagon correspondent, Barbara Starr. What also seems to be an important part of taking down this radical jihadi terrorist group is not just coming up with ways to censor ISIS, but to pinpoint where they exactly are.

Why is ISIS so concentrated in the horn of Africa?

While some may think that ISIS is concentrated solely in the middle east, it may come to a surprise that a good amount of the Islamic State fighters are concentrated elsewhere. It seems perhaps that the terrorist group isn’t just in Syria or Iraq anymore, but spans other continents such as Africa, with “sub” groups of the terrorist organization. This is not just shown, but proven. “It pits the Islamic State (Isis), the Iraq and Syria-based group that has expanded deep into Africa since surging to international attention in 2014, against al-Qaida, the veteran extremist group, which has maintained a significant presence in much of the continent in recent years.” says Jason Burke, a African Correspondent from The Guardian. This makes ISIS not just a threat to a single group of people, but an international one; but how many fighters are there and what does this mean? “U.S. intelligence estimates now put the number of ISIS fighters in Libya between 4,000 to 6,000, double the number in the war-ravaged country last year, according to the top U.S. military commander in Africa.” says CNN’s national security reporter, Nicole Gaouette. Even though ISIS seems like it doesn’t have that much manpower, it is still in some interest to see what capabilities this extremist group possesses.

How well armed is isis and are they a threat because of it?

It has been assured that ISIS has made a statement in our world we live in today, and that statement is to stand up for Jihad. Where as ISIS is known for the recruitment they do, what do we already know about their weapon capabilities? In fact we do know the U.S. might of un intentionally armed The Jihadi fighters, “U.S.-made weaponry that fell into enemy hands including 2,300 Humvee armored vehicles, at least 40 M1A1 main battle tanks, 74,000 machine guns, and as many as 52 M198 howitzer mobile gun systems, plus small arms and ammunition.” according to Eric Pianin at The Fiscal Times. Ironically the weapons we are arming other nations to help attack ISIS might be the ones be fired against us; but what is more devastating, weapons or man power? Well the answer might be both when it comes to ISIS “ISIS is estimated to have between 20,000 and 25,000 fighters based on the new intelligence estimate, as first reported by USA Today.” says Lucas Tomlinson, the Pentagon and State Department Director at Fox News; but where are these fighters even located? We know that some reside in Africa and the middle-east, but it is still unknown exactly where every ISIS member resides, but we do know who controls this group and potentially where the radical Islamic State first left its mark.

Where exactly did the Islamic state come from; and who is the leader of ISIS?

Where as some people may be confused where the Islamic group called ISIS came from, there is speculation that isn’t that far off from surprising. The radical Islamic preaching that ISIS spews may actually not have came out of being in the public eye, but being in solidarity. Some evidence has shown that ISIS and its radical teachings might have actually came from a military prison located in Iraq. “But there is growing evidence that the sprawling prison was also the birthplace of ISIS.” also citing that “Camp Bucca was known as the largest, and one of the toughest, American prisons in Iraq.” says former CBS news journalist Clarissa Ward. This suggest that the group didn’t just start from nowhere, but a place that could’ve encouraged the radical beliefs to become something that’s more of just an ideology; but ISIS continues to keep going on, and seems to have no end to their goal, but there must be someone behind this right? Well there is, “On June 29th, 2014, the jihadist extremist group ISIS declared the formation of a caliphate” says ABC news journalist, Ely Brown, leading to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi becoming the leader and caliphate of the extremist group; but some may wonder what is a caliphate and what is the goal for the so called Islamic State?

What does isis preach? what ultimately is the goal of the islamic state?

Where as many people have heard about ISIS, many, if few do not understand what is the main goal of ISIS. Not just that, but there has been some speculation that has arisen if the group actually stands behind what it’s supposed religious beliefs preach; but there is a goal that the Islamic State does chase “ISIS makes no secret of its ultimate ambition: A global caliphate secured through a global war.” says Tim lister, a CNN journalist. This doesn’t just mean ISIS wants the middle east, but the whole world to abide by their Islamic Law, and put under the system where a caliphate rules, nothing short of anti-democracy; the real question is how many people actually believe in these types of beliefs, political and religious? The answer may surprise you. “Among Nigerian Muslims, 20% say they see ISIS favorably” According to a Poll done by Michael Lipka, Senior editor from the PewResearchCenter. This shows that ISIS’s influence is being successfully implemented in places in the world. This calls for urgent action against the Islamic State, to successfully destroy this group and its hateful ideology that is rapidly spreading throughout the world.


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