G Esso: The IU Experience Lashiah Session, Muchin College Prep

Essence Johnson running late to class but, not late enough to snap a couple of photos. Essence is better than the hype, she gives you life.
Essence, also known as "G Esso", is on her way to Wright Dining Hall. G Esso was listening to her music on her walk and started to dance, this is "the nose wiper".
G Esso is in the HSJI Television News program so, her project included interviewing people. She held an interview at the well known "Mother Bear's" to know more about their business and community.
On the side of "Mother Bear's" is a very intricate design. G Esso was eager to become a city angel and wanted her picture taken after conducting her interviews.
After a long day of hard work G Esso decided to wind down in our dorm room. The first thing she did was tie her hair down and get on Facetime with one of her closest friends Sankia.
As the project is beginning to be due G Esso is hard at work. She is finalizing her film, editing, and making a script to get it just the way she wants.
After eating her pepperoni pizza in Wright Dining Hall G Esso decided to wind down. She quickly fell asleep from all the hard work and walking she's been doing since she got here.

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