Iceland: Reykjavik By: Marcos, Jazmin, Sheng, OMar


The place that we chose is Iceland: Reykjavik,Hallgrimskirkja. We chose this place because it is beautiful. It is the longest lasting city in Iceland. This city is 1,147 years old and still inhabited with the population of 125,000 people. There are no tall buildings in this city so it's like a huge town.

This is a church in Iceland: Reykjavik,Hallgrimskirkja. It is a tallest church in Iceland and it is at 73 metres high (244 ft). It took 41 years to finish building the church. The church is named after the Icelandic poet and clergyman HallgrĂ­mur PĂ©tursson.


Iceland has active volcanoes and these volcanoes make many beautiful volcanic rock formations.


There are lots of different animals in Iceland; for example, Icelandic sheep, horse, reindeer, sheepdogs, whales, artic foxes, elk, and etc. Out of all the animals that inhabit icalands land we picked the elk because it is a strong and fascinating animal.

Iceland National Bird

Iceland's national bird is a puffin. Puffins are sea-birds, so they spend most of their lives at the sea. Atlantic Puffin is the one that breeds in Iceland. They love to build their nests in rocky cliffs. Each year in the early April until September, puffins can be seen. A puffin is sometimes mistaken as a penguin because of its color's pattern and beak. During the winter, puffins beak fades to gray, but during the spring time, it blooms into orange.

Sketches and Designs

Calculate Budget

The statues will be around 13 feet tall. The based of the statues will be around 9 feet. The statues will have crystal all around the bottom. Since the statues will be around 13 feet tall and the based will be around 9 feet, it will cost about 32,000. The crystal will cost about 400

Extra Credit


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