Amendment 5 By: Mia Cruz

This amendment is basically saying that if the police don't have evidence of that certain illegal conflict you made then you should not be charged for crime. Amendment 5 is also saying that you can not be charged with doing the same thing, twice.
Amendment 5 would probably the most important to me because it's true. In my opinion, you really should only get charged with with acrime or any other illegal incident with actual evidence from the police. I feel this important because police don't know if that certain event occurred because he or she has no evidence against you. A personal example of amendment 5 would be if I were to get in trouble from my mom for not cleaning my room, then my dad would find out and I would get in trouble. A potential example is getting in trouble for something in the past. For example, a glass of water is left in the living room and then they assume the next time they find a glass of water in the living is mine, therefore punishing me without actual evidence that the glass of water is mine would.
This is explaining how, in amendment 5, you cannot have double jeopardy.

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