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App Journal #1:

My most used apps:

  • Tumblr
  • ping pong
  • minesweeper
  • Netflix
  • Domino's
  • audiobooks

Why are these apps so popular? the most common problem they solve for me is boredom, they distract me from being with doing nothing, like for example netflix gives you movies and shows to watch and domino's gives you food to eat while watching such movies

App Journal #2

some ideas for apps i have are:

I would like a simple photo editor tool but that instead of giving you the normal philters that most do it would have some of the most basic Photoshop tools like select copy/paste, wand, and layers to modify

an app that would recommend you movies to your liking, you add your favorite titles and this will show similar ones whit high rating, this could work on music and games too

another interesting idea for an app is just a combination of apps like netflix and dominos, in the press of a button this app would have your favorite pizza or other food, delivered to your doorstep while also putting a list of recommended series/movies to watch while eating such pizza

App Journal #3

the demographic for the apps i have are mostly teens and adults but really it can be used by everyone, like the games are all ages, the movies vary for ages, and pizza is for everyone.

the apps i creates also focus in teens and adults but there isn't any content that affects small ages it would by a all ages app focused on the over 15-16-17 demographic

Code activities

App Journal #4

Why are the apps easy to use?

most of the apps I use are simple just because the dont have a lot of functions but others like netflix or messenger are more complicated but contain an easy to use navigation system, that contains clear and logical paths to the things you need, and giving all your options in an organized fashion

  • From most to least:
  • ping pong
  • minesweaper
  • netflix
  • audiobooks
  • tumblr
  • dominos

App Journal #5

Ideas that stand out now:

photo editor: this gives you the ability to edit images in a way that most photo editors dont, unlike the other apps this software doesn't only give you the basic filters and cut options, this one gives you the basic Photoshop options like layers copy, paste, different brushes, healing, quick selection. this may be useful to photo editors that may need somthing on the go or arent near their computer

Movie recommendations: this one solves the simple issue of not knowing what to watch, after adding a list of your favorite movies this app will give you ones similar to the ones you gave them or liked by people with the same preference as you

App Journal #6

  • app: photo editor: this app will give you the ability to edit images more professionally and easier because sometimes we need to edit a picture for a work or just to have fun and most app dont let you use your full potential
  • app:movie recommendations: this app will allow you to see movies that my be of your intrest by looking at what movies you like because we all have been stuck not knowing which movie to watch because you wont know if youll like it or not and you dont want to waste your time

App Journal #7

Dancing robot

Accelerometer. GPS. Camera. Touchscreen. In your app journal, brainstorm about how you might use these features and tools in your apps. What haven't you seen before?

  • using the touch screen to write in morse code and send messages trough it
  • the camara used to translate sign lenguage or braille into text, speach
  • a gps function that tells you all the places you've been and haven't been,
  • the frontal camera used as a touch screen by leaving your device on a flat surface and waving you hands above it
  • using the accelometer and touch screen to imitate different instruments like drums

App Journal #10

Write down a few design principles that will be important for your app.

  • simplicity in use, we want the app to have a user friendly interface that one can learn quikly with just a few tries
  • professional design: we want the app to have a continous design or aesthetic for easy recognition
  • color variation but not overload
  • easy to see/read/use
  • costumisable for the optimal use of other people

App Journal #11

Take yourself on an app hunt. Your goal is to find an app that demonstrates each of the following best practices for designing apps.

  • An appealing icon: most icons we see today are based over one concept, simplicity, which is a great concept but this can sometimes give to boring flat icons, personally my favorite icons are the ones that have some simple colors but present an original and creative first look of the app for example (camar a z, money lover, IPPTV player)
  • Get into action: a good example of a get into action can be the netflix app, once you have everything in every time you open the app it will inmeadetly give you movies to choose, it puts them all in a list so you can choose the one of your liking
  • initial tutorial: I personally dont like tutorials but if i had to choose an app that gives you a good tutorial i wold say uber, ubers tutorials are these little speech bubbles that say the function of each part of the app but only the first time you see that part of the app, so it doesent try to cram to much information at once and every time there is something new you dons feel like you arent prepared

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