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"there isn't a person you wouldn't love if you could read their story"

isn't . person . love . story

Gosh, I love that truth. It resonates with me so loudly that I can hardly stand it. I'll give credit as to why to my friend, Experience. Over & over I have been hit with the reality that the people we name "mom", "kid from my class" or "cashier" are stitched together with much more depth than our narrow minds have made them out to be. They are more, they are stories.

Coffee Dates // Write // Love Anyway

Coffee Dates

There is nothing I love more than a coffee date. Okay, maybe a few things, but really, sitting across from someone with freedom to say whatever you want to fill in the (sometimes too intimate in a small cafe) space between another person just makes my heart sing.

My whole life I have watched my people-people parents socially interact with others confidently - so you could say I surely know where my apple fell from. They have always loved hearing people's stories, and though the way we walk through life catching them looks a little different, their influence cannot be mistaken.

They may seem insignificant, coffee dates, to attempt to explain who I am, but my desire to share life with people in this way says a lot I think. It says I love building relationships, listening, celebrating victories + crying in suffering with people, glaring hopefully when someone whispers "me too" , laughing at nonsense & reconciling differences.

Vanilla lattes have shared the space between sisters, dear friends, people whom I just met, people who I have never met from places two doors down or 20000 miles down. And I've slowly learned that truth again & again: 1) people are stories 2) you can't help but love them when they share it.


I have been in a dance class since I was three years old. As a child I put on backyard shows and invited friends to recitals, and I am close to doing the exact same thing today. I love to dance for countless reasons, but now I realize that it comes from a bigger component of me: I am a sharer.

I have actually come to understand this because of a more recent discovery of my love for words. Writing has become a way for my boomerang brain to pause and become aware of life's experiences, opposed to easily slipping into the numb & comfortable place of autopilot. Writing has become a sacred ground for me to share, even if it is just for my own eyes.

I have also seen the healing, joy and lightbulb moments that can come from sharing with others. We could be hanging onto the exact thing someone needs to know to move forward, and I've learned through sharing bits & pieces of my life, whether be through movement, words or a conversation, the power that lies within our stories.

Love Anyway

Our lives are just cycles of stories in their midst. Many times we don't even like our own story, nonetheless the walking stories called "people" around us. So we don't. We stop loving people because it's hard and painful, we start prioritizing being right over being humble, we fall into a mess waiting to be picked up by Someone more capable than us.

In the past few years, I've learned the story of brokenness & grace have played on repeat since the beginning of time. I've fallen in head-over-heels with the Creator of the world and the Author of redemption-only stories.

I live in a state of assumption that humans were created to live in a world of ONLY good, humans made a mess and became separated from their holy, loving God, he sent His Son to save us and we get to choose to follow Him and share about Him.

I acknowledge that my world view plays heavily into the way I live my life & view circumstances.

We are called to love everybody's story; no matter what chapter they're in.

approach of knowing;


"an approach viewing truth as subjective and stressing the participation of the researcher in the research process"

Truth // Freedom // Values

Truth {Epistemology}

The Interpretive "glasses" says truth is subjective- each person has their own truth.

Freedom {Ontology}

People have the freedom to make choices in the Interpretive view- we each have free will.

Values {Axiology}

Researchers with the Interpretive understanding acknowledge their values in the research process- recognizing that complete objectivity is impossible.

An interpretive researcher is all about illuminating the individual case. Asking the "why" questions - maybe over some coffee?

I am one the the most indecisive people you will ever meet. So choosing one of these three views was not easy. In my ideal world, I would create a diy way of knowing: absolute truth from Positivist, free will from Interpretive and celebrating values from Critical. (Kind of like trail mix and picking out the m&ms) But, in light of having a heart for individual stories: hearing others & sharing my own, the Interpretive view makes the most sense.


Background + Interpretive Way Of Knowing =


While, as mentioned previously, I believe there is an Absolute Truth for humanity as a whole, I also hang onto the idea of stories again. In that as individual people, we each have our own experiences that make us who we are. My truth: my struggles, celebrations, passions probably look different than the person sitting next to me.

My journey has been about stories - hearing others & creating my own, so hanging tight to my background & naturally leaning interpretive view, I am eager to ask people like what made them choose ____ or why they want to ___.


I discussed the role 'sharing' has played in my life, and I think it nicely fits into the idea of free will in the Interpretive way of knowing. Just the act of choosing to share is an act of free will. I could have chosen not to dance or write as simply as I said yes.


With my worldview being such a conscious part of my life, I know it will be something I acknowledge as a researcher. It would be impossible for me to just ignore my values. Therefore, this component of my background meshes quite easily with the axiology part of the Interpretive way of knowing.

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