Reptilian Relatives By: Taylor Clarkson

This is the Museum of Natural History Museum in Washington DC. I went here on my trip and I saw some very fascinating dinosaur skeletons. I then saw a movie about these dinosaurs and that got me thinking, where did paleontologists know where to find these skeletons but what really got me intrigued was the eggs that were explained in that movie and I kept wondering where paleontologists found these eggs. Now scientists can find the embryo inside the eggs and determine the size and shape of the.

This thing you see here is a dinosaur embryo. These baby animals give scientists information on the a certain type of species of dinosaurs. Paleontologists find these embryos by physically breaking open the egg and searching for bones, skin particles, or scales. Some of the features of the embryo are completely different from their mothers features.

Baby dinosaurs were like human babies; unable to walk or eat so, the mother had to go out and find food and shelter for her young.

As you can see, some eggs come in different shapes and sizes. Some can be like disks others can look like a football.

In the movie Jurassic Park, there were a lot of dinosaurs in that movie but, the most popular dinosaur in that movie was the mighty T-rex. After the movie, everyone thought of the tyrannosaurus rex as a scary, meat-eating creature. But scientists have theorized that the t-rex could have been a scavenger and one of the softest creatures.


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