Fenway park

Fenway park is located in Boston Massachusetts and is a very important and famous landmark in our city. Fenway park is very fun because there is a lot to do and it is a very big stadium.

One interesting thing about Fenway park is how it was built in 1912 and then reconstructed in 1934. It has not been reconstructed again yet since 1934.

The second interesting fact about Fenway park is that it cost 650,000 dollars to build the park in 1912. That is the cost plus all of the seating and supplies they need.

The last interesting fact about Fenway park is that it's the smallest ballpark of all of baseball by measurement. There is one big part of the park and that is the press box that is known to take up 3 rows.

Those are some interesting and fun facts about Fenway Park and there are many more to learn.


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