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Do you believe there is millions of dollars in Fort Knox??? Fort Knox is believed to have millions of dollars worth of gold. Each ounce of gold at Fort Knox is worth $1776. There is currently 147.3 million ounces at Fort Knox. Fort Knox is one of the richest places on earth. There is 261.6 billion dollars worth in the vaults of Fort Knox. The gold in Fort Knox puzzles many people because many people believe it is empty.

Theory one

Many people believe that Fort Knox is loaded with gold. Some reasons why they might believe this is that the vaults at Fort Knox are protected by 3 branches of protection the cops, army base, and national guard. Everyday all day Fort Knox is being protected.

Fort Knox was built in 1937. The gold is stored in vaults that are located at Fort Knox. The vaults that the gold are in are also very protective. The vaults are bulletproof from top to bottom including the roof. To enter the vaults you will have to go through a very challenging door. The door into the vaults have a weighs around 22 ton. Even if the vaults somehow get open the gold will still be protected. The gold in the vaults are hidden from thieves.

To prove that the vaults haven’t had any force entry the vaults have a clear piece of tape around them. This tape shows if there has been any forced entry, so far the tape is still clear no scratches or rips. They change that tape every year, so it is clear.

All the vaults combined have a total of 4,500 tons of gold. The vaults that the gold are in are made to last a long time and be very strong. The vaults that the gold is in is 15,500 cubic feet of granite,14,000 tons of reinforcing, and structural steel.

When Fort Knox gold was tested they took all the gold out of one vault. The test results came back and is was 100% real gold, but they only tested 5% of that gold. When they were done with the testing every piece of gold was put back into it’s spot in the vaults.

Once Fort Knox was open and running well they had a tour. The tour was for people to see the insides of the vaults and see the gold in them. The tour was also for people to see around Fort Knox. The Fort Knox tour was held in the year of 1947. The tour was only open for a few hours. The tour was also very crowded and packed full. This has been the only tour held at Fort Knox.

One article I read said “That every year this girl goes to Fort Knox and the tape is always the same no marks or nothing.” This girls says “That when she walks in Fort Knox it looks the same.” She also said “That the first year she went she got to witness the gold.” She also mentioned “That the gold is real and the vault was full of gold.” She also said “That when she saw the gold for the first time in the vaults it took awhile to get into the vaults.”

This is a picture of the gold in Fort Knox

Theory two

Many people believe that the Fort Knox sold all of it’s gold, and has no gold left what so ever. Many people also believe instead of gold they store, they store other objects instead. The Magna Carta, The Constitution, The Declaration of Independence, The Holy Crown of Hungary, and tons of Morphine to prepare for the Cold War.

The people that run Fort knox have denied to have the gold tested. When it should be know big deal to have the gold tested. Unless Fort Knox isn’t really loaded with gold???? Fort Knox hasn’t been suspected since Sept. 23, 1953. When the gold was tested in 1974, only 5% of the gold was tested.

Fort Knox isn’t allowing guest/people to open up one of the vaults and see if the gold inside. Aside from staff, nobody else has been allowed to see the gold inside the vaults. That concludes that there is no hard evidence that Fort Knox is loaded with gold, or even has a speck of gold.

In the 1918, we had 20,000 metric tons, and since 1980’s, we only have around 8,000 metric tons. There has been a rumor that the United States sold all of the gold. This could be true, since they have been denying to have Fort Knox inspected or checked, and that the gold dropped from the early 1900 hundreds, to the late 1900 hundreds.

The only time Fort Knox was open or seeing was in 1947. (ten years after it was first opened) Fort Knox has never been opened since. The only people that are allowed to see inside the vaults are the workers. Nobody outside of Fort Knox can see inside the vaults.

Ron Paul wants to do an audit the purity of the Nation’s 700,000 gold bars held behind the doors of Fort Knox. This would take 15 billion dollars to conduct an audit. The process would take about 30 minutes to verify the gold content of each bar. This would take 350,000 man hours to do. 400 people will need to be working for six months to complete this process.

On Nov. 12, 2009, China claimed to have received a shipment of fake gold from the United States. Instead of gold China received fake gold and tungsten. A lot of people wonder why the United States sent fake gold instead of real gold???

In the late 1900’s, Germany asked for it’s gold back from the United States. The United States told the Germans that it would take till 2020, to get all their gold back. If the United States has all this gold why would it take so long to get Germany their gold back??

A vault at Fort Knox

What I believe

After much research on Fort Knox and whether or not it has gold. I have concluded that I mostly agree with theory #2. The 2nd theory states that Fort Knox doesn’t have gold.

I agree with this theory for a lot of reasons. One of the main reasons is because Fort Knox has been denying to have it checked. Many people have asked to have one of the vaults tested, but they always deny to have it checked. Which if they have all this gold like they say it should be no problem to have the gold tested.

The last time it was tested was in 1953. When they tested the gold they only tested 5% of the gold that is held at Fort Knox. Now a days they won’t even let anybody inside the vaults, unless you work at Fort Knox.

The only time Fort Knox opened up ,or held a tour was in 1947. When that tour was held only 127 people were allowed to go inside the vaults. Those people got to go in the vaults because they had permission. Today only people that work, or have permission to get inside that vaults at Fort Knox can go in. Many people have asked if they would hold another tour for Fort Knox, but they always say no.

A lot of articles that I read claim that Fort Knox has no gold stored in the vaults. Some articles also claim that if there is any gold in Fort Knox it isn’t 100% like they say they have.

There was a story on a article that I read on the internet the story says, China claims to have received a fake shipment of gold from Fort Knox. They had a huge box that was filled with fake gold and tungsten from Fort Knox in the United States. This is hard to believe because Fort Knox claims to have all this gold.

Germany in the late 1900’s, asked for it’s gold back. The United States told them that it would take till at least 2020 to have all of their gold back. This is also hard to believe because Fort Knox makes it seem like we have all this gold.

Other countries think the United States is rich/loaded because of this gold in Fort Knox. If Fort Knox turns out to have no gold what so ever, the United States won’t be as popular for trading with other countries.

Fort Knox and whether or not it has gold holds one of the deepest mysteries in the world. If Fort Knox doesn’t have any gold it could cause an economic destruction. Other countries would think we aren’t as rich as we say. Many countries would maybe stop trading with us, since we don’t have gold. If we were to not have any gold we might not get all the supplies we need to live, since we trade with other countries for supplies. Like a lot of things we have is made from China and if we didn’t have that gold they wouldn’t do that for us. If we were to not have any gold and other countries would find out they wouldn’t want to lend us money when we need it. Also people might move out of the United States and go to a richer country, since we aren’t as rich. After the information I have given you, do you believe that Fort Knox is loaded with gold????

This is what the gold looks like in Fort Knox
Fort Knox is located in Kentucky
The sign to Fort Knox

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