KROWN Singer, Songwriter, Recording Artist, Model

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“Wassup” is the first single released off KROWN’s debut mixtape “Nothing Lasts Forever." The single describes a young man looking for love while weeding out deceptive women and remaining focused on success. KROWN displays intermittent jazzy vocals and ear captivating lyrics over an arrangement of fused soul and effervescent production originally sampled from Donell Jone’s 1999 R&B hit “U Know What’s Up.”


The talented, multifaceted artist delivers a modern flow of Funk and Alternative Hip-Hop that all generations of music purists and enthusiast can vibe to.

The mixtape is executively produced by Cee-Knowledge with contributing production by Quickly Quickly, Steve Young, Beatjoven, LA Soulchyld, RIVR, Oui Lele, Whitecliffs, Strkfr, Krapf, and Cairo.

To date, Krown is working on collaborative projects under the label as well as other forthcoming projects.


Taj Jamar Moore Hull, known today by his artist name “Krown” was born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Hudson County, NJ. At a young age he envisioned his future as a recording artist and model. With an iconic music legend, Cee Knowledge (formerly known as Doodlebug of the critically acclaimed Hip-Hop group Digable Planets) as his parent, one might say it’s in the genes. Early on he gravitated towards his rhyme book and performed at local talent shows. He even got a taste of the runway modeling for famous brands including BET, Phat Farm, and Nickelodeon. Unfortunately, soon after is when tragedy struck on the home when he lost his mother to suicide. Krown was uprooted to reside with family members for a brief time before he relocated to Philadelphia with his father.

Krown’s coping and healing came to him in way of poetry and music. He formed the group Ego Trio in high school with his peers Lil Samson and Mothership Q and released a few hit singles. After a hiatus and passing of college years, Krown and Samson reconnected in Los Angeles. Both were working diligently on pursuing music as a career. They recorded some music along with Krown’s younger brother Noah Michèl and established their collective and soon to be record label, Uplifted World.



For Bookings & Business Inquiries Email
CeeKnowledge@gmail.com or Bookings.Krown@gmail.com
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