My Future Chase Cavallaro

1. Who - do I want to work for? I would like to work for Hi-Rez and be a video editor for videos on their YouTube and new God announcements. Hi-Rez also broadcasts all professional games played in the SPL on twitch. Similar to how sports are broadcasted in CESPN but online.

2. What - is the company I work for? Hi-Rez is a gaming company that has created Global Agenda and Tribes: Ascend, but struck gold with the MOBA SMITE. SMITE is now a popular MOBA and is loved by people everywhere and more games have sprung after SMITE form Hi-Rez getting more recognition as a company. Is my job title? Broadcaster/ Video Design. Job description? In Charge of Twitch stream and creates videos for all games of Hi-Rez. Salary? Requirements to get this job? Need to understand how to use Adobe Premier, After Effects, and Photoshop. Need experience in gameplay capture and knowledge of Hi-Rez games. Is my degree/background to make this job a reality? It may be depending on if they need my kind of work in the company.

3. Where - am I working? I currently am unemployed. Where did I learn the necessary skills? I have learned all editing skills through YouTube. Whether it be in a tutorial video or watching video and learning effects.

4. When - does the company hire? Company hires when a new job is in need. Hi-Rez will ask for lots of jobs when creating a new game needing a new department and a ton of jobs open. Did I gather the necessary skills to get this job? I have plenty of skills already, but I will learn a lot more when in college.

5. Why - does this career interest me? I always loved watching effects in movies and videos. I love watching the different editing ways people use in YouTube and figure out how these normal people can make great effects and entertainment with clean cut editing.

6. How - does one get a job in this industry (process)? You can apply online where list of careers are open on the website for what is needed. Internships are also available for many positions with requirements as well for both careers and internships.

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