Assassination Attempt on Pope John Paul II

On May 13th 1981 Pope John Paul II emerged from Saint peters basilica in the Vatican for his weekly audience in the square. He entered the "Popemobile" and rolled around welcoming the people. At 5:19 a man made an attempt to kill him.

It was determined that for bullets struck the pope. There was two in the abdomen. one on his index finger and, one in the arm. The surgery lasted 5 1/2 hours and three days later he was conscious. After around three weeks he was fully healthy and able to leave the hospital. 

Four days after the pope we shot he made a public statement that he for gave the man who shot him. The man who shot him with a 23 year old Turkish man named Mehmet Ali Agca.

The Italian in court sentenced him to life in prison. In 1983 Pope John Paul II met with him and talked and they came out as friends. In 2000 the pope requested that he be pardoned and be released. After released he was deported to Turkey to serve for his other crimes.

Agca was a Turkish man who joined a terrorist group called the gray wolves back in Turkey. In Turkey he was a petty criminal and eventually he murdered to journalists and was on trial to serve a life sentence. He escaped jail and under an assumed name entered Italy.

After shooting the pope he was caught and found with a note saying "I, Agca, have killed the Pope so that the world may know of the thousands of victims of imperialism." this note was made as a response to the neofascist nationalist terrorist group. 

In 1983 the pope visited him and talk to him and for gave him. While in jail he converted to Christianity and changed his way of life. After he was forgiven by the pope and released from jail he was sent back to jail in turkey where he served until 2010. When he was released he went to the pope's grave and laid two dozen white roses on it.

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