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First, let me start by saying; yes, I know the flower doesn't have to do anything with this topic, I just like how it looks. Okay, so, drafts. I think everything Lamott said was spot on. She talked about how her friend had the idea of an "up draft" and a "down draft" and I think that is brilliant. The hardest part for me always tends to be the "down draft". I can edit stuff once it's there. I can read it and see the path and know what I was trying to say or the emotion or feeling I'm trying to convey or whatever; as long as it's down. But damn, I can sit and stare at a blank screen with a blinking cursor for damn near an hour. Lamott also mentioned the idea of peer reviewers (well, she didn't use that word, but I'm damn sure that's the word any other English teacher would use if he/she was trying to convey this idea to a class). Honestly, I've never really had someone to read my work unless required by a teacher. I once emailed a draft of my Common App essay to a friend in our schools "Writing Center" club, but she never got back to me, and I got denied from all my Common App schools, so there's that. I think it's a great concept, peer reviewers, I just think you need to be extra comfortable with them because, like Lamott said, you're giving them your heart and soul. For me, it always seems like I'll be inferior to them in a writing aspect. That they'll read my draft and laugh quietly to themselves or judge me for how bad my writing is. It's about trust, and understanding. I think Lamott made some great points about the writing process. Although I don't necessarily go through the same exotic internal struggle she does before every writing session, I do seem to have on days and off days, and I do relate to most of what she said. I love to write.

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