Bowstring bridge By: Siearra Harvey

  • Materials Needed:
  • 300 popsicle sticks
  • 1 bottle Elmers glue
  • 1 pack of rubber bands
  • 1 pack of paper clips
  • 1 yard stick
  • A thirty inch gap between two objects

Step One: Building the Base

1. Take your yardstick and lay it flat on your desk now take seven popsicle sticks and lay them one after another horizontally next to the inch side of the yard stick.

2. On top of your seven sticks take 7 more sticks and place the first of the second layer and put the middle of the stick where the the first two sticks on the bottom layer connect and glue that down and repeat the whole way down. Let dry before starting the next step.

3. Once the second layer has dried you are going to put one more layer on to on your second layer building it the exact same way as step two and while that is drying repeat all the steps again so that way you have two 30 inches long and three sticks high of popsicle sticks to make your base.

4. Once your base dries you are ready to build the sides what you are gonna do is for one side you are going to need about 30 sticks start by putting 8 sticks on your base about two inches apart but after the fourth stick put the fifth stick 4 inches apart and then after that continue with the two inch pattern. Wait for that to dry before starting the next step.

5. After that dries on the middle four popsicle sticks connect another popsicle stick halfway up the original popsicle stick and while that dries do the exact same steps to the other 30 inch popsicle stick rod.

6. Once that had dried make an X shape in between each two inch popsicle gaps, but in the four inch gap connect two popsicle sticks on the end of each other and then connect another two popsicle sticks on the end of each and make an X shape with them and glue that to the popsicle sticks between the four inch gap. Then flip that side over and do mirror it on the back. While that dries repeats this step to the other 30 inch popsicle rod.

7. Now in the 4 inch gap on both sides make a star shape building on from the X shape. Do this to both 30 inch popsicle rods.

8. Now take 7 more popsicle sticks and glue them to each popsicle stick coming from the base and mirror it on the other side for extra support and then repeat on the other 30 inch popsicle rod. Wait for that to dry before the next step. Refer to the picture above if you need assistance.

9. Now that both sides are done and already connected to the base stand them up vertically and along the side of one of the bases put glue and connect the two bases in order to connect the two sides and that will create your bridge but wait a day for it to dry and add touch ups the following day.

10. Enjoy your homemade popsicle bridge!!!!


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