ABC's of Africa By: Donnie St. Peters

A is for Africa

1. Second largest continent in the world. 2. Once part of large super continent called Pangaea.

B is for Bantu

1. Religion and culture spread through Africa. 2. Hundreds of languages were formed from Bantu after they divided.

C is for Congo River

1. 2920 miles long. 2. Main water transportation source of Africa..

D is for demorcracy

1. Government created in South Africa after apartheid terminated. 2. Gave rise to free elections in Africa.

E is for Europeans

1. Cause of destruction and new development in countries of Africa. 2. Arrived in South Africa, making countries have independence.

F is for French

1. Colonized many parts of Africa. 2. Africa put up many forms of resistance.

G is for Ghana Empire

1. Located in West Africa. 2. Reigned from 400-1200 AD

H is for HIV

1. 23.8 million infected people in Africa. 2. 91% of the world's HIV positive children live in Africa.

I is for Islam

1. World's 2nd largest religion. 2. One of many religions in Africa

J is for Johannesburg

1. South Africa's biggest city. 2. Center of large scale gold and diamond trade in Africa.

K is for KilImanjaro

1. Tallest mountain in Africa. 2. Helps villages keep cool.

L is for Limpopo RIver

1. 5741 miles long. 2. Separates South Africa and Zimbabwe.

M is for Mali Empire

1. Located in West Africa. 2. Reigned from 1230-1610 AD.

N is for Nile River

1. 6670 miles long. 2. Largest river in the world.

O is for Orange River

1. 7218 miles long. 2. Provides water for irrigation.

P is for Pan Africanism

1. Movement to establish independence in African Countries. 2. Made up of all African countries as a unity.

Q is for Qur'an

1. Holy book of Islam. 2. Revealed to the Prophet Mohammed.

R is for Red Sea

1. Seawater inlet of Indian Ocean between Africa and Asia. 2. 250 species of coral in this area.

S is for Senegal River

1. 675 miles long. 2. Important tributary.

T is for Trade ROutes

1. Trade routes brought wealth and power to African Empires for centuries. 2. Camels were used to travel trough trade routes.

U is for Union Africa

1. Made up of 54 African Countries. 2. Promotes unity between the countries.

V is for Vaal River

1. 695.9 miles long. 2. Tributary in South Africa.

W is for White Nile

1. 2299 miles long. 2. One of the main tributaries in Africa.

X is for Xhosa

1. Main tribal group in Africa. 2. Population of 7.9 million people.

y is for Yao

1. Bantu language in Africa. 2. About 2 million language speakers.

Z is for Zulu

1. Largest South African ethnic group. 2. Faced much discrimination under apartheid.


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