Credit Services Association's Investor in Customers Assessment 2018


In June 2018 the CSA undertook the Investor in Customers (IIC) Assessment to help better understand member perceptions of the role of the CSA and services offered. IIC provides an independent assessment of member perceptions of their customer experience and compares and contrasts it to the view held by CSA staff and senior management.

26% of member companies completed the assessment - a promising statistic for the first survey of its kind for the Association.

The assessment asks 32 comprehensive questions, including the Net Promoter Score question and additional free text questions as required. The additional free text questions give the opportunity to carry out more in-depth research into what our CSA members think is important to them.

Joining the IIC community allows the Association to benchmark members’ customer experience activities with other organisations across a wide spectrum of industries. Sharing best practice and learning from the reports will help the CSA to continually exceed member expectations.

CSA's IIC journey

The results

Breakdown of scores across all four principles

The IIC survey addresses four principles. The CSA was awarded Silver across all four principles. Silver registers as "outstanding" levels of customer service under the independent IIC process.

Gold ranks

Within each of the principles it was promising to see that some areas achieved gold ranking (scoring 8-10 / 10).

Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a management tool that can be used to gauge the loyalty of a firm’s customer relationships.

Given the NPS range of -100 to +100, a “positive” score or NPS above 0 is considered “good”, +50 is “excellent,” and +70 is considered “world class”.

CSA Net Promoter score: +43%

Additional questions

Additional free text questions give the CSA the opportunity to carry out more in-depth research into what members think, and what is of value to them.

What are your top two reasons for being a member of the CSA?
* Summary of responses from survey
On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate the CSA against the following criteria:
Do you feel like the communications you receive from the CSA are effective?
* Selection of answers from survey
As part of the CSA’s ongoing efforts to enhance the reputation of the Debt Collection/Debt Purchase industry, would you like the CSA to expand its membership to include other sectors that are not currently represented?
What are the CSA's strengths?
In three years your company's priorities may change. How might your expectations of the CSA change in relation to these new priorities?
* Selection of answers from survey

Summary of CSA member issues

It was vital that the CSA understood what its member issues were in order to address them accordingly. Below is a summary from IIC of what the current CSA member issues are:

The plan

The IIC output and other projects have helped CSA to address any member issues and map out its main areas of focus. These were outlined in the 2018 CSA Annual Report and centred around People, Data, The Code, Engagement, Technology and Professional Development. So far we have achieved a number of objectives set-out as part of our 12-month plan. These are as follows:

Tell us what you think – CSA Investor in Customers Assessment 2019

The 2018 assessment has helped enormously to strengthen the CSA’s ongoing strategy. It also gives members a voice on an annual basis to tell us what they think and what they want to see now and into the future. This work is a continuous journey and we will always look to better what we are doing for members in order to give them the most value out of CSA membership.

We would therefore like to invite members to take part in our 2019 Investor in Customers Assessment. Members will receive an email in July to complete the assessment and we would encourage as many staff as possible in member companies to participate.

Thank you very much for your feedback and ongoing support and I look forward to receiving your responses to the 2019 Assessment.

Colleen Peel Head of Marketing & Events

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