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Chatham Harbor Oil

This started life as a photo of some boats tied up for the night at Chatham Fish Pier. I wanted to give it a real oil painting look, so I worked on it a with couple of apps on my iPad, mostly iColorama and Glaze. It looks really good when printed on a canvas gallery wrap.

Main Street

This was probably the first attempt at digital art that I felt was even moderately successful. This is the old “Wings” building on Main Street in Hyannis. I gave it kind of a pencil-sketchy feel in iColorama after cleaning it up and simplifying it in Photoshop Fix a bit.

Winter Trees

This is a vertical pan of trees. This is a pretty common technique, so I felt I had to present it differently. I chose to go with a thick rextured look similar to oil impasto. It was taken in the winter, hence the title, even though it doesn’t feel winter-like. Plus any time I can sneak in an allusion to Sylvia Plath is an added treat.

Ukulele Player

At a model shoot in November, 2017. I took many shots of this ukulele player. His beard and kind of rough experienced facial features seemed to call out for a treatment I like to use on male faces, the dark and high contrast effects in the style of Andrzej Dragan. And when creating the effect, the strings on the ukulele popped out silver from the dark background, I knew I had the effect I was looking for.

Wellfleet Harbor Impressions

I was exploring Wellfleet Harbor on Cape Cod late at night. The Harbor was well-lit that night, too bright for my tastes, but, undaunted, I pressed on back at the computer, and made the background pure black (no longer is it a “sky” in a traditional landscape image) to set off the colors. Gave it some work in iColorama to finish off a shimmering impressionistic feel.

Three Dancers

I have always admired Degas’ images of dancers and Parisian partygoers, so when I got this picture of the three dancers, with their lacy, gauzy dresses, Degas called to me. This image was all done in Lightroom; I took I believe four passes through the picture pulling the clarity down to zero, and I also believe, if I remember correctly, that I did a couple passes sliding the sharpening tway down as well. So basically I was just blurring over details to get that impressionistic luck.

Dancer: Orange

Another dancer image. I wanted to show the pure form and movement of the dancer here so I used iColorama to blur out nearly all detail and just retain the form of the white dress. I added the background, trying a number of bright colors, settling on the brilliant orange here.

Dory 2

Saving the best for last. This iconic yellow dory sits in Point of Rocks Beach on Cape Cod. It’s kind of a set piece for Cape Cod photographers. I have two different versions of the dory—this stylized one is one of my favorite images. I stripped it of all distracting elements in Photoshop Fix, then smoothed it over and added other touches with iColorama.

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